Women’s Guide To Sun Protection


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Just seven minutes are required and the sunbeams will start burning your skin on the preliminary level and chances are higher that your skin will mislay its glow and fair shine. If you are living in the particular corner of the globe where the sun shines for the whole day with a maximum of 45+, you must follow some basic preventative measures to protect your skin from sun because a downside of the sunshine is that it can lead you to wrinkles on skin, age spots as well as skin cancer etc. Here’s the women’s guide to sun protection that you must keep in mind in order to prevent sun damages and skin burn due to serious sunbeams that can burn skin tissues of your face and overall body within a couple of minutes. Keep reading the post to be acquainted with effective ways to protect your skin from the sun.

Cover yourself up

The sunshine can do more than a dull skin and wrinkles. Skin cancer is the worst form of what sun exposure can do with your health. It’s something beyond the painful sunburn and if you really wants to prevent such damages then you must cover your body up with protective clothes that can cover as much skin of the body as possible to stop sun rays from burning your skin. Clothing stuff produced with cotton and linen elements can work well for you in the summer season and you must choose lighter colors.

Wear the sunscreen

Sunscreen with SPF that works even in 30+ would be the best way to protect your skin from the sun and its blazing rays. Apply it on your face and other areas of skin (out of clothes) before 20 to 30 minutes of your outside visit. Waterproof sunscreen will not only protect your skin from the sun but during the swimming as well.

Invest in a good hat that covers your ears also

Slap on the hat is one of the best tips to protect your skin from sun damages because it covers your head (the most sensitive area of the body) and ears as well from the heat of the sun. It provides a protective shade to different areas of your skin like face, ears, head, eyes, and neck. Investment in a good and stylish hat will protect your skin from major health concerns that the sunshine can have on your skin.

Eat big amount of fruits and vegetables

Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in summer season is the natural way to keep your skin safe from heat as healthy diet strengthen your whole body, it also makes your skin strong and tends to grow new skin cells. Try to eat lots of vitamin E in your diet because it will work as the best alternative to artificial SPF.

Seek for a shade

If you have to stay outside for long time where the sun is shining with the high of 40, try to find a shade to stay in order to protect skin from the sun. It will give your skin cells enough time to relax.

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