What are Winter Allergies? – How to Prevent?

What are Winter Allergies? – How to Prevent?

Winter allergies: Winter allergies are very common in many people. It is very common that people caught it during the winter very easily. Most common

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Winter allergies:

Winter allergies are very common in many people. It is very common that people caught it during the winter very easily. Most common allergies in the winter are a cough, runny nose, dark circle under eyes, itchy nose and eyes, sneezing, watery eyes, and flu. Most of the people are not able to recognize that they are suffering from allergy or caught from the cold. The allergies are a long time and not cured in few days. One more thing is that when we caught from the flu than we feel pain itches and fever but when we suffer from allergy we don’t face all these symptoms. In the winter season, we spend most of the time indoor so if we caught from some types of allergies that we have to notice on the setting and the environment of our home to get rid of allergies.


The main causes of allergy indoor:

  • Dust mites:

In our homes, the microscopic bugs are very common but we don’t notice about that. It is the cause of indoor allergies. It is usually found on carpet bed and upholstered furniture at your home.

  • Indoor mold:

We take breathe in mold spores but the people who are affected by these things very quickly are caught by the allergies. Mostly it appears on damp areas like basement and bathrooms.

  • Cockroach dropping:

Cockroach drooping is very common in all the homes especially who don’t care about the cleanness of the home regularly and careless about the health. The cockroaches are on the foody things and we eat it without knowing that how much is harmful to us.

Preventions from winter allergies:

Avoid carpeting:

Nowadays everybody wants a well-furnished and carpeted house but keep that in your mind it’s not good for your health. All the dust particles in the carpet may be the cause of your indoor dust allergy. The carpet is not clean in a good way. After very hard work there must be dust particles so try to avoid the carpet floor it’s not good for our health. It’s not the only cause of dust allergy but it also affects our health in many other ways.

Use vacuum to clean dust:

Try to use the high-efficiency vacuum cleaner because it is very necessary for the clean environment and also preventions from the dust.

Wash mat sheet:

Try to wash mat sheet with hot water at the temperature of 130 Fahrenheit. This step is very important to destroy all the germs completely and make the environment germ free. Try to repeat this process three times a month. It will save you from all the allergies which you face during the unseen germs and dust particles.

Don’t use drugs without consulting your doctor:

The drugs we used without the consulting to a doctor, it may be harmful to us because we are not a doctor so don’t use any drug without the recommendation of the doctor. Sometimes it also causes the allergies of skin and many other types of allergies.

Consult with your doctor:

Try to keep yourself clean. Take bath regularly and cut your nails on the time. Our activities are also affected our health so don’t ignore it. Brush your hairs and teeth and also try to wear clean clothes.

Pay attention to your diet:

Your diet is the main thing which prevents you from many diseases so try to take a healthy diet. Healthy diets lead you to the healthy life. Try to take soups and eat season fruits in winter, the all-season fruits are rich in vitamins which our body needs badly. So don’t ignore your diet if you are strong than your body can fight with all allergies automatically.

Avoid touching your pet animal:

If you have pet animal at your home then don’t be too much touchy with your pet it can be harmful. Try to give a bath to your pet at least once in a weak and make sure to keep away from your living area. Although you keep good care of your pet animal there are still some germs in animals which is not good for human beings.