What does a New Study have to Say about Social Media and Mental Health?


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social-media-mental-healthWhile discussions regarding mental health have gathered much momentum in recent years, one of the deeply worrying concerns to have come to the fore is the mounting pressure created on girls under 17—by social media. As per an NHS data, there has recently been a whopping 68% rise in hospital admissions – thanks to the rising tendency of self-harm among girls under 17.

Is it time to address mental health more seriously than ever? Find out!

The report has clearly attributed this mental health discrepancy to the rising fears and insecurities surrounding the pressures created by social media – especially when it comes to body images. Health specialists cannot really undermine the impact that social media has ended up making on teenage girls. Notably, the trend is much less evident among the boys of the same age. They have not forgotten to notify that NHS is not duly adept at or for that matter equipped when it comes to handling this problem even after being able to scale the extent of the “gathering crisis”.

The Guardian came up with an NHS report which revealed that the number of times since which a girl of 17 has been admitted to a hospital in England has actually risen from 10,500 per year to over 17,500 a year over the last ten years. That’s clearly, as has been mentioned above, a rise of 68% – as opposed to a way less 26% among boys. Notably, these cases are related to self-harm.

How is social media impacting the mental health of teenagers?

So, how exactly does social media come into the scene? Of late, the period marked by the rise in mental health problems coincides with the period when there has been a noted jump in the use of social media.

Notably, Dr. Bernadka Dubicka from the Royal College of Psychiatrists (child and adolescent faculty) is of opinion that mental distress is very prominent among youngsters – especially among girls or young women. The gathering mental crisis is actually taking the shape of depression among girls – which – of course is no less than a worrying trend.

There are not one but several academic studies that have found that mental health problems among girls have been on a significant rise since the last ten years. Talk about girls and cases of self-poisoning, alcohol abuse and injecting pills have been rampant to say the least. It notably rose by 50% from 2005-2006 to 2015-2016 itself. Most of these cases of mental disturbance were attributed to body issues and eventual low self-esteem among girls. Girls with immense low-esteem were identified with immense mental turmoil as well.

Need for more awareness?

It might as well be mentioned that social media does have a role to play in affecting the levels of stress among women. How the eminent mental institutions look forward to tackling this particular concern is yet to be seen. What is required is an increased level of awareness among girls regarding the complex body issues and the growing need to embrace oneself into one’s own skin.

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