Wellness Initiatives For Those Who Sit Whole Day

Wellness Initiatives For Those Who Sit Whole Day

Are you doing back-breaking work in the office from 9 to 5 without moving from your seat for a while? If your answer is yes, then you are one of those

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Are you doing back-breaking work in the office from 9 to 5 without moving from your seat for a while? If your answer is yes, then you are one of those who are facing several health related issues like back pain and obesity etc. According to different studies and health researches, every human approximately spend one-third of his or her life in doing work to earn money for food and other necessities. And taking some healthy habits up not only help you in improving life quality and fit body but also increases productivity at the workplace to present your hundred percent in the office or at work. Whether you are a tech geek or your duty is to spend all working hours in front of the computer or at desk, you must bring some healthy changes in your lifestyle to come up with health related issues when working in the office. Here we are sharing some wellness initiatives for those who sit whole day in the office to get assigned tasks done on time and you can also adopt in your own life in order to stay healthy and fit even though you sit at a desk all day to complete your works.

  • Plan some workout in morning even for 10 to 15 minutes: A tiny but healthy workout routine is always beneficial to keep your body and mind in good health. If there is lack of time for gym visit then try to spend bare minimum 15 minutes on doing some exercise or workout that you really enjoy. You can also do it in the morning before getting ready for office.
  • Get up out of your chair habitually: Leaving your seat once per hour is the best health habit to give some relief to your back as it bears all your weight while sitting in front of the computer or desk. Get up and move around often just like to collect printed pages from the printer that is far away from your desk.
  • Stretch your body: Stretching is one of the most important health initiatives for office workers as they sit all the day and stretch is essential to keep your muscles wobbly as well as to avoid the tautness while doing regular office works. You must repeat it after each hour to stay active, fit and healthy in office.
  • Drink lots of water: While working in the comfort and air-conditioned office, you may not feel the thirst but you must drink plenty of water during the work in order to stay away from drying out and other health risks. Instead of keeping the water bottle on your desk, try to get the water from the fridge by walk.
  • Stop starring at the screen all time and turn your computer’s background green: Eyes are among most sensitive body parts and don’t even enjoy staring at the bright screen of the computer or laptop all day. You have to move your eyes often from the screen and turn change the background image with a natural scene or greenery for the tranquil of your eyes if you really wish to prevent health issues while working in the office.
  • Take some coffee to boost up your energy: Are you feeling stressed when fulfilling your duty in office or going low on energy in last few hours, coffee is the best solution for such problems so make it a habit and take coffee each day to spend your hours healthily and actively in office.