Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life with Cancer


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Cancer is one of the common and serious medical issues that affect millions of people from all over the world. I am going to die is the first thought comes in the mind of cancer patients right after hearing about his/her illness. Since there are several types of cancer like breast cancer and lungs cancer, there is nothing that can be done with these.

If someone is going to die from this serious illness, it doesn’t mean he/she has to count days for death with no hope, because the life of cancer patients can be improved by making little lifestyle and behavioral changes. Getting started for making life better is never too early to start for a cancer patient. Healthy living is all about making positive lifestyle and behavior changes as part of the life-long process. Whether you have been spotted as a cancer patient or going through the treatment process, there are a lot of ways to improve quality of life with cancer and some of them are listed below in this article.

1 Eat Well, Eat Healthy

Healthy eating not only keeps you healthy but can also help cancer patients manage side effects and quick recovery from this medical condition. Moreover, healthy eating can also lower the risks of cancer. One should include plenty of vegetables in daily meal planner and these should be as the main part of your meal instead of a side dish. Try to eat foods that are high in fiber and include whole grains, beans and seeds in your meal planner to improve your life quality with cancer. Cancer patients are recommended to eat less meat like beef, lamb and fish, etc. Also avoid high-calorie foods like processed foods, sodas and energy drinks, etc.

2 Effective Stress Management

As effective stress management is directly linked with greater physical and mental health, it can help cancer patients live a healthy lifestyle. Many cancer patients struggle with depression and stress as these issues should be resolved within the time to lessen the side effects of cancer. Some people find stress management difficult than others, but it is not an impossible thing. One can consider different mind relaxation techniques like guided imagery, meditation, and yoga, etc. to manage stress and anxiety. Spending time and sharing issues with loved ones is also the best way to reduce stress. According to the experts, a cancer patient coping with stress and depression is more likely to enjoy a better and improved quality of life even with a serious illness like cancer.

3 Regular Exercise

In a busy lifestyle, it is always hard to fit regular exercise int heir to-do lists. Moreover, cancer survivors who daily go through the treatment, it can be harder. But regular exercise is one of the great ways to improve the quality of life with cancer. Exercise not only keeps your body fit and healthy but it also lowers the risk of chronic diseases. However, one should choose activities that are easy to perform. A cancer patient should make exercise a habit to improve the quality of life. Doing exercise with someone is a great way to stay motivated while exercising.

4 Avoid Secondhand Smoke

A smoker no doubt put his/her life at greater risk, but second-hand smoking is killer as well. Smoking itself is not as bad as spending time in the smoky environment is dangerous enough to increase the risks of cancer and many other medical issues including heart diseases. Quit smoking and avoid smoky places like bars, restaurant, and the workplace, etc. Also, make your entire house smoke free.

5 Regular Check-Ups

As a cancer survivor, visiting the doctor for screening tests and regular checkup should be one of your priorities. These are not only keys to an improved quality of life but to let the doctor know about the issues and concerns associated with your life or medical issue you are suffering from. You should make a schedule and stick with that to never miss a single visit to the doctor for a regular checkup.

6 Palliative Care

Palliative care is one of the best ways to improve the life quality of a cancer patient. It is also named as whole-person, kind or comfort-oriented care. The main purpose of this care is to help the cancer patient prevent, treat and reduce the discomforts associated with the medical condition (cancer). Palliative care can be performed by a family member, medical experts, social worker or nutritionist, etc. they can make the patient feel better by knowing his/her emotional, mental and physical state of mind and by assisting him/her in overcoming several difficulties and issues while going through the treatment.

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