Ultimate Summer-Friendly Skin Care Tips


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No doubt summer season is the time to lighten up from clothes to mental outlook, but it also brings humidity, unbearable heat, and pollution, etc. that not only harm the skin but also invites different infections to end with different skin related issues. Aside from the sunburn and sun-tan, the skin becomes oily, dry and dehydrated as well in summer. Health and wellness of our skin totally depend on the nutrition and diet we intake, but unbearable temperature and heat can also have a bad impact on the skin.

There are a lot of ways to avoid all these hassles associated with the summer season and to keep your skin glowing like before. Below are some Summer-Friendly Skin Care Tips that everyone should know and follow this summer season.

1 Exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin is a ground rule to keep your skin healthy and young even in the summer season. As a human body sheds lots of dead skin cells on a regular basis, they will set in your skin to make it dull and unhealthy until you get rid of them via exfoliating. It helps you get rid of the dead skin cells and enables healthy cells to grow more. Grab a natural body scrub and take shower after that. Exfoliate your skin 3 time a week to maintain healthy and young skin in summer.

2 Don’t forget the Sunscreen

Replace your last year’s sunscreen with a new one and don’t forget wearing it whenever you go outside. Before spending money, make sure it includes UVA and UVB in order to give your skin extra protection from harmful sun rays. Whether it is sunny outside or clouds, sunscreen is a must in summer season as it keeps your skin from pollution and heat as well.

3 Hydrate From the Inside-Out

Human body and skin need more hydration in the summer season than usual. And drinking plenty of water every day is the only way to stay hydrated from inside-out to keep your skin fresh, young and healthy as well. Either in office or at home, keep a bottle of water with you to sip throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water cleanse your system and keep the skin hydrated to maintain freshness and glow. Moreover, staying hydrated also keeps your fresh throughout the day.

4 opt for Lighter Make-up

Lighter makeup in the summer season can help you keep your skin fresh and glowing. You should avoid heavy make-up under the intolerant sun rays if you really want to prevent patchy skin. Use of a lip gloss or balm for lips is a great way to protect your lips from heat and burning sun rays. Try to avoid eye make in summer as sweat can cause eye irritation when eye make is used during the summer.

5 Nourish and Protect

Apart from your age and season, skin nourishment and protection are the most vital things to maintain healthy and young skin. But one should be extra careful in the summer season. Providing your skin with the extra care and nourishment helps you prevent reduce the signs of aging. Try to use beauty products like serums and lotions loaded with peptides, essential vitamins, and antioxidants. Healthy eating is also the best way to provide your skin it really needs to grow and develop healthy skin cells.

6 Wear Sunglasses

The skin around your eyes is sensitive and contributes a lot in making you aged. These areas should b covered properly to provide them extra protection from sun days. Your eyes can be protected with a high-quality pair of UV protective sunglasses. Use of a healthy dollop of eye cream is also recommended by the dermatologists to keep eyes and skin around the eyes protected from the skin.

7 Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel can be a great natural remedy for different skin related issues in summer season as it can also soothe skin from sun-tan and sunburn. It has great soothing properties to keep your skin fresh and remove irritation caused by heat and sun rays.

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