Top Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Chilled Water


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Drinking the cold water in spring or summer sounds like getting a new life by beating the heat of your body and the warmth caused by weather.

During the summer season, there is nothing better than finding inner comfort by consuming cold water to bang the boiling high temperature.

We all believe that chilled water cools the body down in a matter of few seconds but in reality, it is harming your overall health especially when you drink cold water after eating meals.

We all have been advised by healthcare experts millions of times that staying hydrated has a lot of health benefits but there is nothing cleared to us about reasons why you should not drink chilled water in order to prevent health issues and risks.

This piece of writing could be life-changing for you because it is all about why is drinking cold water bad for you.

Reasons why you should not drink cold water

  • Drinking cold water right after finishing your meals, instead of working to assimilate the consumed food and absorb the nutrients to generate energy, the human body use ups the energy to maintain your body temperature as normal.

This can cause a low level of water in your body and may lead you towards dehydration.

  • Whenever you drink chilled water or any other beverages, blood vessels get smaller and the whole digestion system becomes restricted and in results, hydration is slowed down to a risky level.
  • It is said by healthcare professionals that you should not drink cold water after eating the meals because it can create excess mucus in the human body that can lead to poor immune system performance.

In results, it would be easier for your body to catch a cold and other serious health issues.

  • When you drink cold after eating, the water temperature makes it hard for your digestive system to find fats from the recently consumed foods.

After that, the human body finds it hard to take in the unhealthy fats from your body and then fails to keep you healthy.

  • Sore throat and stuffy nose are the top reasons why you should not drink chilled water because after drinking cold water chances of getting a sore throat and stuffy nose are higher.

And this could be an initial stage towards some serious health concerns in future.

  • According to medical studies and researches, cold water can decrease the heart rate because it apparently stimulates the tenth cranial nerve (the vagus nerve-it is considered as the significant part of the human body’s self-directed nervous system).

After drinking the cold water, the low temperature of the water stimulates this nerve to root the dropped heart rate.

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