Tips for moms to stay happy and healthy even when you don’t have enough “me time”


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Tips for moms to stay happy and healthy even when you don’t have enough me timeIf you’re a new-mom, it is most likely that your entire world will revolve around your kids. Although the feeling of a mom gives you incredible amount of joy, it also brings along with itself several issues like stress, constant worry and deprivation of sleep. In fact, there will not be a single day when you can stop worrying about your kids. As a mom, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed with the different types of household chores that you have to take care of. Amidst all these tasks, the biggest task that you tend to forget is taking care of yourself. There are women who take years to realize that there’s no benefit in ignoring your own needs and taking care of only what your kids need. Always remember that a healthy mom is a happy mom and a happy mom is indeed a better mom. Have a look at some ways in which you can stay healthy and fit even when you think you don’t have time for yourself.

  • Find out some time for yourself: Yes, it is true that you deserve a break for yourself and hence you need to chalk out some time for yourself, cuddle up alone or with your husband in a quiet place or read a favorite magazine or a book. Take a long hot bath or give yourself a spa or a facial. Even when you have a short span of time, this can help you regain your calm in your otherwise hectic life.
  • Keep exercising daily: You may be busy but that doesn’t mean that you have to get your workout pushed off for that. Just as you would schedule a vital work meeting or a parent-teacher meet, make sure you schedule your exercises too. Try to keep that in the morning as this way you can stick to the routine.
  • Plan a night out: Whether it’s a date with your husband or it’s a girl’s get together, you should always reconnect with the ones you love and makes friends your priority. Spending a night out without your kids can certainly be a relationship booster and this will also make you happy in your marriages. You can make a good wife, a good girlfriend, a good mom and a good person.
  • Get adequate sleep: Getting enough sleep is not only required for your health but it also enhances your mood, improve your creativity and make your brain function properly. You can even reduce weight and stress by taking good amount of sleep. Try to go off to bed half-an-hour earlier as this can make a huge difference for bringing forth a day of happiness.

As per the National Marriage Project that is released every year, it has been proved that moms, who can balance their own lives and the lives of their kids and husbands, can lead to some of the best marriages on earth. Hence, follow the above mentioned tips to remain healthy and fit as a mom.

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