The Immediate Health Benefits of Having Pets

The Immediate Health Benefits of Having Pets

There are definite health benefits of having pets. And, no – this claim doesn’t really come from a helpless pet lover. Look up the “science-backed” ar

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Health-Benefits-Of-Having-A-Pet-There are definite health benefits of having pets. And, no – this claim doesn’t really come from a helpless pet lover. Look up the “science-backed” articles on the Internet and you will be able to find substantial evidence about the same. Documented below is further proof. Bringing a pet home doesn’t only turn out to be a clutter-breaker in terms of the way you are leading your life. The significance is not really restricted to the “emotional” benefits of having a four pawed companion at home but is backed by science as well.

Do you have a pet at home? You can expect low risk of allergies

The first and foremost benefit that you can count on is the fact that having a pet around can lower the risk of developing allergies as far as the kids are concerned. James. E Gern from University of Wisconsin-Madison has actually conducted studies that prove that having a pet at home might as well minimize the tendency of the kid to develop allergies—as much as by 33%. He had gone on to conduct a research in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology – where it has been shown that kids who grow up in proximity of animals have actually demonstrated better immunity in general. The introduction of a pet might not help adults with longstanding allergies but it can definitely be an efficacious inclusion for a family which doesn’t already have this issue.

Boost your Mental Health

Dogs for example are great for people who suffer from shyness and isolation. There are specialists who haven’t really backed down from saying that pets are natural conversation starters. People who are perpetually in the stress mode are eventually in a state of disease. Prolonged stress is responsible for triggering chemicals like norepinephrine and cortisol that of course can affect the immune system in an adverse fashion.

Playing with dogs on the other hand is touted as an enjoyable activity whereby the levels of serotonin and dopamine rise. They are nerve transmitters with positive effects on health – thanks to their calming properties.

Other Benefits

Having pets at home turns out to be a great avenue for socialization as well. Talk about being a regular part of puppy kindergarten, outdoor cafes for pets, dog parks and pet-oriented social networking sites – we can actually tell you that there is a lot to keep yourself away from possible depression – if at all you are suffering from the same.

It has been seen that patients who have suffered heart attack and have pets at their homes had actually lived longer than what has been the case with non pet owners.

Researchers have also claimed that male pet owners have minimal sign of heart disease than those who have no pets at all. The pet owners have demonstrated lower cholesterol and triglyceride.

All the pet-owners out there- do you really think that having a pet in your life actually leaves you less vulnerable to certain health risks than what’s the case with the non pet-owners?