Skin Moles- Causes and How To Treat Moles On Skin

Skin Moles Treatment


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What Are Moles

A black, red, pink or brown bump/spot that can appear anywhere on your skin can be known as a mole. As per dermatologists, the appearance of moles on the body in early childhood and in the first 25 years of life is common.  Overproduction of melanin (which is the element that commands the skin color) is one of the biggest reasons behind skin moles. At the start, moles are smooth and flat spots on the skin and later can turn into bumps about the size of a pencil eraser and hairy as well. Sunburn during the childhood is another major reason of moles on the skin. These can be found anywhere on the skin or body either individually or in groups.

What Causes Skin Moles?

The abnormal or excessive growth of skin cells is considered as one of the major causes of skin moles. However, sunburn can also cause of moles and each of us can experience 10 -40 moles during the lifetime. Most of the peoples are born with skin moles. According to the experts, most of the skin moles can be cancerous and the majority of the moles are harmless to human health and can also be treated easily. However, one should visit the skin care expert to inquire about the stage and peril of the moles on different parts of the body.

A mole can occur on the face or on any area of the body when skin cells are grown in a bunch instead of being spread to the different areas of skin. These overproduced skin cells are known as melanocytes and give the skin a natural color and tone.

Why Skin Moles Should be Treated

There can be a lot of reasons to get rid of moles from your skin. These can cause discomfort and can also be irritating in some situations. Moles on the face can be unattractive and ugly especially for girls. You should also treat the mole on your skin if it bleeds often because it can cause many skin related issues later. Change in the shape and size of the mole on your skin or body can also be a cause of treat it immediately. Some moles on the skin might need to be treated on an immediate basis once confirmed by the dermatologist as cancerous.

How Moles can be Treated

Most of the dermatologists will do a minor surgery to help you get rid of mole by shaving or cutting it out with properly cleaned surgical tools. Later they can apply stitches on the skin to close the wound for a speedy recovery. Cutting the mole is considered as the best possible way to treat because it will not cause spread of cancer in your other body parts if the mole was cancerous.

Cauterization is another way used to treat moles. Dermatologists remove skin moles in this process by sweltering them off the skin. It can be the right way to treat the mole for you if you scare of the cut on your body.

In this world of latest technology, most of the healthcare experts remove moles from the skin by using laser technology. It can be an expensive mole treatment but will leave a clean and spotless skin once a mole removed. However, it cannot work for the deep-rooted skin moles because laser rays can have a direct impact on your overall skin health if you will use deeply.

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