Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

When human body doesn’t have enough amount of water as it needs, dehydration happens and it is one of the most common and serious health issues around

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When human body doesn’t have enough amount of water as it needs, dehydration happens and it is one of the most common and serious health issues around the world.

It can happen when your body use or lose more fluid than your consumption because your body cannot perform various functions when there is minimized water percentage in it.

Any of us may become dehydrated but it is considered as the most dangerous health condition in kids and adults.

Feeling thirsty is not only the indicator that your body is getting out of the water but there are many other signs and symptoms of dehydration that everyone must know in order to prevent the situation on it’s in the early hours’ stage.

Read these dehydration symptoms and signs carefully and maintain healthy water levels in order to stay healthy for longer.

Surprising signs and symptoms that show you are dehydrated

Bad Breath

Experiencing the bad breath for more than a few days? It could be a surprising sign of dehydration even if you are unable to get rid of after oral hygiene.

Bad breath is one of the common signs and symptoms of dehydration because when your body is dehydrated, it does not make enough saliva in your mouth and the mouth becomes dry. And that dryness can cause bad breath.

Dry Skin

When a human body is low in its water levels, the PH level of skin reduced and this causes the skin to lose its moisture. In result, overall skin becomes dry and this is whey dry skin is considered as one of the symptoms that show you are dehydrated.

Make sure that your skin is not dry due to seasonal allergy or change in weather.

Muscle Pain

Feeling the unexpected muscle pain could be one of the signs of dehydration if there is no injury or soreness.

Dehydration can cause the unusual pain in muscle because when muscle tissues are unable to get enough amount of water, they become stiff and hard to make you feel pain even without having any bad medical condition such as obesity or overweight.


Healthcare experts believe that when hydration levels of human body drop, it can cause the lower flow of blood to the brain.

In results, the supply of oxygen to the brain reduces that can cause a headache and sometimes lightheadedness as well.

Dark pee (urine)

It is said by medical professionals that the color of urine tells a lot about the overall health of an individual and that is the reason, dark urine is considered as one of the signs and symptoms of dehydration.

If you notice that color of your urine is extremely dark and murky, you must go to the doctor to inquire whether you are the victim of dehydration or not.

The urine gets highly intense and can have a unique color when there is not enough water in the human body.

Mood Swings

Depression and stress are known as one of the big causes of mood swings but several medical studies have confirmed that chronic dehydration can set off mood swings in people.

When your body becomes out of water, it can lead to hormonal imbalances in the body and mood swings can happen in results.

Dry Eyes

It is true that environmental pollution and work with electric gadgets can cause eye dryness.

But it is also factual that dehydration could be one of the reasons behind dry eyes.

Most people feel that dryness of the eyes could be due to commuting often in the pollution, working with electronic gadgets regularly and so on. While all these issues can also cause dry eyes, dehydration can also be a hidden cause of dryness of the eyes.

When the water level of the human body goes down, tissues of the eyes lose their optimum moisture levels and cause eye dryness.