Risks Of Skipping Meals

Risks Of Skipping Meals

Skipping an important meal of the day like breakfast is the normal thing when you have a busy day to day routine. But do you actually know that what h

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Skipping an important meal of the day like breakfast is the normal thing when you have a busy day to day routine. But do you actually know that what happens to your body when you skip meals? Yes, there is the big list of risks of skipping meals and we will discuss some of them. In some people’s lifestyle skipping meals is just a normal reality of life but if they know that skipping meals can have dangerous effects on the body and mind, they will never ever skip a single meal of the day. Healthcare experts always suggest eating regularly because it contributes to your health a lot. Here are the things that happen to your body when you skip meals either at work or at home.

Diabetes at the top

When you skip a meal or not eat regularly during the day, your liver cells generally discontinue responding to the insulin. In results, the liver doesn’t get on time indications to prevent the glucose production or adding up into the blood flow. Later on, you may suffer from high blood sugar level which is a common health risk among men and women and one of the biggest killers around the world.


After skipping a meal no matter breakfast or lunch, you are more likely to overeat in your next meal that leans to obesity and unhealthy weight. Try to keep your body happy by eating meals on time without skipping a single one, however, and your hunger prompts won’t insurgent later.

Mood swings

After skipping a meal of day, when your body does not get enough nutrients to remove the hunger, your emotional functioning transforms often. After that, due to irregular levels of blood sugar in the blood, you become irritable and moody that can have a serious effect on your day to day life affairs. It is also said by experts that everyday mood swings impede the proper functioning of the brain.

Unhealthy weight loss

Many fitness experts suggest their clients to skip an important meal of the day (breakfast) in order to speed up the weight loss program. It can bit help to lose weight but not healthily. Studies have shown that the links between meal skipping and weight lose are tricky even skipping meals can cause unhealthy weight lose. After that, you may face some serious health concerns instead of a flat stomach.

Chances of eating junk foods

After some time of skipping a meal, when hunger strikes you, chances are you will tend to eat junk foods that are not good for overall health and fitness. It shows that, as a meal skipper your body may desire crappier food after skipping a meal like breakfast or lunch etc.

You might get sick

Human body needs healthy and on time food to nourish various cells as well as to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. But when you skip a meal, your immune system may not work well. In results, you might get sick. A poor immune system develops lots of health issues and medical concerns that a healthy and on time eater cannot.