Risk of Malnutrition And Health Related Quality Of Life


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Health plays a significant role in life. Everyone wants to live a healthy life and health is a major component to lead a long life. And for a healthy life, we need the healthy body and healthy mind. Our body consist on nutrition that we take in the form of food or other substance in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction that full the need of our body and makes the immune system stronger to fight the diseases and infections, that caused by malnutrition and virus.

It has been observed that malnutrition is spreading in many Countries and mostly in men than women. Research says that malnutrition is common in men although they are more physically strong and healthy then women but they complain about tiredness and lack of energy, or loose stamina so fast that increases susceptibility to stomach infections, delay and prolong healing from many health diseases caused by malnutrition like weight loose, anxiety, dry skin, hypertension, stunted or defective bone growth problem of digestion, dizziness, muscle pain and even dementia.

For mental and physical health it is important to understand that the diet plan which we are making to fit our body, is it really good for our Body? Most gyms and trainers encourage Men to have six-pack and shaped their body or just intake some supplements but they forget about that requirement that body consist of. Nutritionist says that not eating or less eating for days at a time due to work pressure and stress are the symptoms of abnormal behavior such as anorexia and bulimia and that also effects on emotional health as well. Nowadays people like to eat delicious, spicy and junk food that kills the nutrition which is already and naturally inside our body. It is not only destroying our physic but makes our body easily fatigued and less coordinate, increased the ratio of the potential of falls and accident.

We need to remember that eating disorder is not all about vanity but the good diet is all about nutrition that body requires. This is equal as when we run and body gets sweat and an excessive amount of water release in the form of sweat same when we work and use our potential our body needs many different vitamins and minerals to balance out the stamina.

It will not be wrong to that the malnutrition is related to a disease. According to the world health organization (WHO), malnutrition is the gravest single threat to global public health and increasing risk is very high that will me more pronounced in men then in women.

Minor nutrition deficiency or malnutrition can be avoided if we get our nutrient from food, in some cases, it may be needed to take supplements or multivitamins. It may also be necessary to take an additional supplement such as Calcium and vitamin D together. But if the condition is more severe then we must concern to the dietitian or doctor.

The best source of calcium is Yogurt, Milk and  Vitamin D  in found in few foods fish liver oil, egg yolks, mushrooms and liver.

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