Red wine can protect your oral health

Red wine can protect your oral health

If you are someone who drinks more than her or his fair share of wine and are worried that it might affect your health in the long run you need not lo

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wine benefitIf you are someone who drinks more than her or his fair share of wine and are worried that it might affect your health in the long run you need not lose hope completely as there is still some hope. Researchers have recently come up with yet another reason as to why you can keep drinking red wine for the foreseeable future. This is great news for people who like a glass or two of red wine with their dinner. A lot of people say that your teeth often stained by this velvety drink – this is the reason why they also avoid it during business dinners and first dates.

How does Wine Bolster Oral Hygiene?

The general idea regarding red wine that people normally have in cases such as these is that it is bad for your oral hygiene. On the contrary, it is actually good for your oral hygiene. This has recently been discovered in a study conducted by researchers at the Department of Health and Genomics at the Center for Advanced Research in Public Health in Valencia and Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias de la Alimentación in Madrid. The study was led by M Victoria Moreno-Arribas. The findings have been published recently at the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

The study suggests that red wine can save your teeth from getting decayed and combat ailments such as gum disease. Much of this happens because of compounds named polyphenols found in red wine. In a report by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) it was stated that the researchers looked at the effects of a couple of polyphenols – one of them was from red wine and the other one was from grape seed. It was found that the polyphenols of red wine – p-coumaric acids and caffeic – were far better as far as extracting bacteria from teeth was concerned.

More about Wine and Oral Health Benefits

Incidentally it is these bacteria that stick to your gums and teeth and lead to problems such as dental plaque, gum diseases, and cavities to name a few. The report has stated that these polyphenols are even more effective if they are combined with Streptococcus dentisani. This is an oral probiotic that is supposed to help with the growth of good bacteria in your mouth. It is expected that in the days ahead this research would make a major contribution to new forms of treatment being invented to counter such ailments. They could be life changing as well considering how our oral health has an effect on our overall health as well.

It is expected by medical experts that in the days ahead new mouthwashes and toothpastes could be made with this new antioxidant. It is said that the germs in our mouth can enter our bloodstream as well and lead to life ending ailments such as cancer and heart disease to name a few. In fact, in countries such as the United Kingdom this is going to be quite a major development considering how around 75 per cent of the adults suffer from ailments such as bleeding and sore gums.