Reason Why Sugar Is Bad For You

Reason Why Sugar Is Bad For You

Sugar is used in our daily routines. It is one of the basic needs of our kitchens. But the excessiveness of anything is not good for health. Most of t

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Sugar is used in our daily routines. It is one of the basic needs of our kitchens. But the excessiveness of anything is not good for health. Most of the things are our daily needs but in the use of all those things we have to be careful in order to prevent various health-related issues and sugar is one of them.

Unnecessary consumption of sugar is bad for our health because it leaves a bad impact on overall health. Sugar causes blood sugar or diabetes and heart diseases. In many of researches and studies, the researchers prove that the people who used sugar more and more in their food are affected by diabetes rapidly than the others.

Eating too much sugar gives your brain a heavy surge of a feel-good chemical called dopamine which swings your mood that you always like to eat more and more sugar like ice cream after the dinner.

Top reasons why sugar is bad for you

Sugar is considered as a bad thing for health as it contains extra calories and no dietetic value to make you fit or healthy. Here are the top reasons why you should skip sugar right away;

1- Diabetes:

When the human body is not able to fight against the sugar anymore, the virus of diabetes occurs. Insulin is a hormone that helps to maintain the level of sugar in our blood circulation. And when our body fails to produce the hormone which fights against the sugar and work to maintain sugar level. Then, diabetic patients need artificial insulin to control the excessiveness of sugar levels to prevent serious health concerns caused by diabetes.

2- High Blood pressure:

High Blood pressure is also one of the most happened drawbacks with the excessive consumption of sugar.  Sugar in the blood has a direct effect on blood pressure level. When someone consumes unnecessary sugar in meals, blood pressure level increased that can cause some serious health issues later. That’s why; you should skip the sugar right now if you are a high blood pressure patient.

3- Mood swings:

The extra sugar in your meal can give you a quick burst of energy and this may in the result of high blood sugar. When your cell absorbs the sugar and then your level will drop and you feel anxious and jittery. But if you will again take some sweets then you feel good like that sugar effect on your mood and now a day there is a great risk of depression in adults.

4- Bad Teeth:

Another harmful effect of sugar is that it destroys your teeth very badly. Your mother was right in your childhood that if you eat too many candies or sweets than your teeth will no more. Sweet affects the teeth because cavities love to eat sugar.

5- Hurting Joints:

If you have joint pain in the early age than pay attention on your diet because the excessiveness of the sugar in your diet makes fat in your body which may come in the result of healthy or fat body. The fat gives the birth many diseases and the joint pain is one of them. When our body has no need of energy which we get from the sugar then our body converts it into fat.