Pros And Cons Of Coffee

Pros And Cons Of Coffee

Many of us start each day with a cup of coffee even they also drink it in the office or at the workplace in order to get some relaxation after doing h

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Many of us start each day with a cup of coffee even they also drink it in the office or at the workplace in order to get some relaxation after doing hard work. Most people consider it as a best natural cure for laziness and lethargy, but it is also true that a number of negative health effects also associated with the popular drink that we all must know to maintain good health and fitness. Let you read all pros and cons of coffee below to find out that is coffee good or bad for you. Following are some health benefits and disadvantages of coffee that may surprise you.

Pros of Drinking Coffee

It boosts your physical performance

It is said by personal trainers and fitness experts that a cup of black coffee before an hour of workout can improve your physical performance. It contains Adrenaline that helps you to get ready for physical hard work.

Weight loss

It could be the best weight loss booster for you. It contains magnesium and potassium that helps your body use insulin, regulating blood sugar levels and also helps a lot in losing weight healthily to get flat stomach.

Fat burner

Coffer contains caffeine that helps fat cells to break that body fat down which is good thing to maintain healthy weight

Coffee keeps you alter and focused

Drinking coffee in moderation helps you focus and improves the work performance of your brain to keep you alert whether in the office or at home.

Coffee lowers risk of death

Most of health-related studies have shown that risk of death in coffee drinkers is 25% lower than of those who don’t like to drink coffee. So keep drinking the coffee to live long.

Cancer prevention

Coffee is considered as the best natural element that helps in cancer prevention. Caffeine (the most important element in coffee) may also put off developing of basal cell carcinoma in the human body that causes skin cancer.

It reduces risk of stroke

There will be a lower risk of stroke if you are consuming the coffee within moderation. It keeps active and alert whole day and also keeps your heart in good working condition.

Cons Of Drinking Coffee

High cholesterol levels

One of the disadvantages of coffee is that it has been associated with a probable increase in cholesterol levels in the blood. Kahweol and cafestol (2 major contents of the coffee) which are accountable for this health risk that you may face after huge consumption of coffee.

Coffee can kill you

According to health experts, 10-13 grams of caffeine within your body is enough to develop different health concerns and risks. That is the reason, consumption of coffee without moderation is considered as the killer.

Insomnia and restlessness

Caffeine is risk factor here. It is true that coffee consumption keeps you alert, but drinking the coffee more in a day can cause insomnia and restlessness for you.

It is harmful during the pregnancy

Drinking more than one cup of coffee in a day can harmful for you if you are pregnant. According to the studies, caffeine will reach the fetus, and baby in the process is highly sensitive to caffeine even it can kill the little human being.

Increased blood pressure

Coffee consists of caffeine and further stimulants in caffeine cause an energy boost and increased attentiveness. These elements can also give you increased blood pressure and it is one of the major health concerns in these days.