Privacy Policy

Health Reviewss ensures the highest possible privacy of visitors at all times. The foremost importance of our platform is your privacy always.  We are committed to protect every aspect of your privacy here. We make use of advanced resources to collect necessary details from visitors and use these details for the prescribed purpose only.

Who We Are

We are Health Reviewss with a dedication to sharing health related news continuously and professionally. This website is entirely controlled by Health Reviewss. Every term of use is specified in its legal notice.

The privacy statements here describe how to gather information on our website and use the collected information. If you have any doubt, comment, question, or suggestion, you can feel free to contact us.

Information Gathered By Health Reviewss

  • We collect data and use gathered details about you legally
  • E-mail addresses that you prefer to make contact with us
  • Every category of information you volunteer to give us
  • The complete details about information on what web pages are accessed from this platform

We also collect data that you submit to us voluntarily.  We use these details to give you an instant support according to your request here. We will send information about data collected on our site only when you have requested us.

We have been using the most exceptional resources to protect your data in online and offline.   For instance, we use the most advanced firewalls to protect your details on our highly developed servers.

IP Addresses 

We use your IP address to analyze the latest trends, manage our site, and keep track of your movements on our website only. These IP addresses do not provide us data to identify you personally.


Our website contains lots of links to relevant websites. You have to understand that we are not responsible for privacy practices of these websites at any time.

Amendments to our Privacy Statements 

We have the complete rights to change this privacy statement at any time by revealing revisions on our site. You agree every time you enter our website that the existing privacy statement of our website apply to all data about you that we collected previously.


Health Reviewss will not be legally responsible for any security breach not caused by our negligence which leads to loss to the visitor.

Disclosure of Your Information    

We do not disclose your information unless you requested to do it by law. We do not distribute, sell, or share your personal details that you provide to us without your consent.

Limitation of Liability

We change or remove your personal information according to your requests only. If you wish to make any change in your personal details or remove these personal details from our database, you can contact us.

The most advanced security and data retention 

Health Reviewss employs the most advanced security measures to protect your personal details available in its database from any unauthorized access, damage, destruction, or accidental loss.


You consent to our approach about how to use your personal data in the same manner prescribed in the privacy statement.

To contact Health Reviewss directly, visit Contact Us Page.


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