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Excess of pounds in your body weight is obesity and something more than overweight, that can cause plenty of serious health issues. A person having a high value of body fat is considered as obese, and more likely to face several medical problems than a man with a healthy weight. Obesity is a kind of chronic disease and puts many harmful effects on your health such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), sleep apnea, heart stroke and joints pain etc. Most of us thought that smoking is badly injurious for human health but obesity is the big health hazard than smoking. There is no particular age limit to be obese, even it attacks people of all ages including toddlers but you can get rid of by taking some natural remedies for obesity on. Having good knowledge about major causes and effects of obesity could be the first step to throwing the obesity or overweight away so read following health reviews about obesity carefully and kick it out to live a healthy lifestyle.

Leading causes of obesity

Obesity is when you have a big amount of body fat on your overall body weight and there are lots of causes that can make you obese. When eating too much fat and not burning a required amount of calories to maintain a good healthy weight, it will shove you toward obesity. The unhealthy diet is another major cause of abnormal weight gain. When a person eats big amount of processed foods, it contributes in unhealthy weight gain that turns into obesity afterward. A luxurious lifestyle is one of the leading causes of obesity in these days. As technology is at its peak, we are using different devices, machines and equipment to get things done rather than doing personally and lack of physical activities is increasing our weight continuously. Some medical issues are also involved in obesity and hypothyroidism is at the top. It is the situation when thyroid glands producing a low amount of hormones.

Harmful effects of obesity

List of obesity and its harmful effects is very long that an obese person can endure from but some majors are written down here. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the common and perilous risk factor among the group of peoples who are overweighed. An additional amount of fat tissues in the blood increases the workload of heart up to an unsafe level. In this situation, heart tries to circulate the blood with a high power that can cause high blood pressure on blood vassals. Type 2 Diabetes, is another health risk of the obesity and it is the medical condition of the human body where blood sugar is more than a healthy level. Peoples with overweight are more likely to build up this medical condition than peoples with a normal weight. You can undergo with serious heart diseases if your body weight is over than healthy BMI score. According to a survey, heart diseases are killing more people every year than others. The risk of heart diseases is always high when your body bears more weight than you should have for healthy living.

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