Negative Effects Of Technology On Human Health

Every single person in this global village wants to live a healthy and happy living but is it possible due to the advancement of technology day by day

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Every single person in this global village wants to live a healthy and happy living but is it possible due to the advancement of technology day by day? Undoubtedly technology has a big number of benefits and advantages for mankind, but it is also true that negative effects of technology on human health are countless. Just have a glance below that how negative effects of technology are harmful to your health.

Computer wrist

Computer wrist is one of the negative effects of the technology on human health. Individuals, who type on keyboard whole day, are inclined to painful wrists because of Carpel Tunnel. You can search over web to get more info about this term. Similarly, numerous a times the muscles debilitate so much that you nearly lose your capacity of having a tight grasp on something that you hold like your mobile phone.


Whether playing a game at home or doing work n office, when you look at a screen for drawn out stretches of time, you regularly neglect to squint. Indeed, look into has demonstrated we flicker 10 times not as much not surprisingly, which implies the tears that ensure our eyes vanish without being supplanted. It is the situation that can lead towards eyesight loss.


We are almost inactive when using a tech gadget. Peoples who are spending time while playing computer games, conversing with companions on the web and watching interesting shows on YouTube, they are actually spending very short time as being physically active. And, it is proven that lack of workout and physical activity can cause overweight and obesity which is the root cause of many health issues.


Mobile phone users are struggling with this new kind of stress which is known as chronic smartphone stress. You feel restless by the most insignificant notifications and considerably more tense in the event whenever you don’t receive notifications or messages from required persons. You are always vigilant for instant message answers and different warnings from individuals. Excessive use of tech gadgets creates more stress that can harm your overall health.

Physical inactivity

There are lots of negative effects of technology on human health and physical inactivity is one of them. Are you using a mobile phone or any other tech gadget? Surely you are doing nothing physical like walking or something else that may keep you fit and healthy. Chances are higher that you may confront some serious health concerns in future because of the physical inactivity because you are addicted to using technology in order to get different things done. That is the reason there’s an expanding collection of research connecting abuse of advanced gadgets to a drop in exercise and wellness levels. It is approved by studies that overuse of digital devices and tech gadgets is the major cause of a drop in exercise and fitness levels.


We are totally disconnected by people physically whenever using some tech gadgets like mobile phone, computer or anything else. It is the mean reason that we are cutting the connection down with some valuable persons in normal daily living with every passing day. By using latest and luxurious tech gadgets, we isolate ourselves from our families, friends and social circles just by living in our own little world that circulates around technology. In results, lack of social interaction can cause various health issues and problems.