Natural ways to treat Digestive Disorders

Natural ways to treat Digestive Disorders

As there are several causes of gastrointestinal problems, there are many natural ways to treat digestive issues to make the digestive system work properly.

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Experiencing indigestion or an upset stomach after eating or drinking something is common. Painful heartburn and awkward gas are common symptoms of digestive disorders. Thankfully, all these conditions can easily be treated via some natural remedies and simple solutions.

As there are several causes of gastrointestinal problems, there are many natural ways to treat digestive issues to make the digestive system work properly.

Eat Mindfully

You can eat more than the craving if you really don’t pay attention while eating your meals. Overeating is one of the common causes of indigestion, heartburn and bloating, etc. That is the reason, mindful eating is one of the natural ways to prevent digestive issues. Mindful eating is all about paying full attention to all the aspects of meals just like taste, temperature, and quality. Eating meals with full attention can reduce many digestive issues.

Drinking More Water

The role of dehydration in digestive issues cannot be ignored. The human body needs a sufficient amount of water to digest and engross necessary nutrients from meals and beverages in a healthy way. Drinking less water throughout the day makes the digestive system inefficient and can cause many gastrointestinal problems. An upset stomach is one of the common outcomes of dehydration. Medical experts recommend that females should drink almost 2.7 liters and males should drink 3.7 liters water a day to stay hydrated. 20% of fluids come from the foods we eat and beverages we drink. Drinking more water not only treats upset stomach but there are many other health benefits associated with staying hydrated. 8 or more glasses of water a day is a healthy recommendation to keep the human body hydrated.

Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet

Consumption of healthy fats is one of the best ways to treat digestive disorders. Fats make you feel full after eating your meals and also essential for proper absorption of the basic nutrients. It is also said by experts that eating more omega 3 fats is linked with decreased inflammatory problems and issues. So, add foods like flaxseeds, chia seeds, nuts and fatty fish in your diet plan to eat a healthy amount of fats each day to improve the digestive system naturally.

Avoid Lying Down

In the horizontal position, stomach acids are more likely to move upward or backward to develop uncomfortable heartburn. If you are experiencing digestive problems, you should avoid laying down or sleeping for a couple of hours. Instead, you should walk around to feel better. If there are some serious issues and you need to lay down, then try to raise your head, neck and upper chest to a 30-degree angle to feel better.

Manage Your Stress

Stress is a very bad thing and can have a bad impact on your health when you are suffering from digestive problems. Stress hormones directly affect the human digestive system and can end up with several digestive disorders. When you are stressed, your body thinks that there is no enough time to take some rest or to digest the food properly. Moreover, the guts and brain are tortuously connected in such situation and things that affect your brain will also have an impact on your digestive system. Effective stress management could be one of the best ways to treat digestive disorders naturally.

Avoid your Bad Habits

Bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can increase the likelihood of gastrointestinal problems. Smoking irritates the throat especially when you have vomited. As alcohol is hard to digest, it can cause liver and stomach lining. That is the reason, one should avoid smoking and alcohol at any cost when experiencing stomach problems.


Basil is naturally gifted with the elements that are great to reduce gas and improve the digestive system. It also contains eugenol which is a healthy substance to lessen the acids in the stomach. The anti-inflammatory properties of the basil also make it the best natural remedy for digestive problems. Eating a couple of fresh leaves of basil can soothe the upset stomach easily. One can also make basil tea by boiling the fresh leaves of basil in the water.

Get Moving

Regular exercise is one of the natural ways to improve the digestive system. Remember to take a walk after meals and be busy in healthy physical activities to make your body absorb nutrients from the food properly. Cycling, walking, jogging, and swimming are some of the best exercises to keep the body moving to make digestion better. Making some healthy lifestyle changes like stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the office and morning walk are other best ways to stay active throughout the day.