Lyme Disease: Now is the Time to Educate Yourself!


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lyme diseaseRight from Black Death and Swine Flu to Ebola and Zika – some of the most dreaded diseases on earth have been engendered by the smallest of our adversaries. It seems that we – the humans- are locked in an eternal battle with swarms of parasites and pathogens around. After mosquitoes – it’s the ticks that are under the radar. As the Guardian aptly points out, ticks actually carry a wide range of pathogens and these pathogens are clearly spreading with the widespread environmental changes.

What is it about Lyme Disease that you Should Know About?

From the reports collected till now, it can be gathered that Ticks remain one of the most understudied species till date – which is precisely the reason why we are yet to realize the magnitude of threat posed by them. It was only in the year 1975 that the Lyme Disease was described in its entirety. For those of you all, who are not really aware, let us tell you that it is a tick-borne disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. Now, many opine that it is more of a recent occurrence—a disease primarily “regional” in nature. However, very recent evidence has showed that similar kind of bacteria had also affected people in Europe way back during the ice age.

On its Way to Emerge as a Major Health Problem?

Though a lot about this disease is shrouded in mystery, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did increase estimates from 30,000 to 300,000—post which Lyme Disease is considered to be a “tremendous” public health issue gaining momentum in the United States of America. With more and more evidence based studies coming to the fore, it has now been claimed that the number of microbes found in the ticks is growing almost by leaps and bounds with new species being discovered.

Thanks to the changing ecosystems, ticks are now even way closer to humans—perhaps this is the reason why ticks are considered to be a bigger health threat than ever. With so much of land clearing happening today, a lot of our wildlife is forced to come closer to us – inadvertently bringing upon the health risks associated with them as well.

The Growth of Ticks: What’s Responsible?

Besides human actions, climate change has also been held responsible for this unhealthy change. With the world at large getting warmer, ticks are now in a position to extend their base to places that they couldn’t infringe because of their colder temperatures. Ticks – at large- are crossing borders to encroach human civilization and of course spreading the risk of disease.

The first and foremost way to combat Lyme would be to identify its symptoms. We have documented a few for you:

The disease is known to assume variant shapes, one of the dominant of which is Red Rash called Erythema migrans sans pain and itching. Other signs include hearing loss, headache, heart complications, muscle soreness and face paralysis.

Make sure you’re actually educating yourself more about the same, in a bid to be duly on your guard.

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