List Of Super Healthy Foods On The Planet

List Of Super Healthy Foods On The Planet

Balanced healthy diet is the groundwork of good health because it is the only source of energy that a human body requires to execute its several funct

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Balanced healthy diet is the groundwork of good health because it is the only source of energy that a human body requires to execute its several functions in order to keep mind and body in good health. A diet plan full of calories and nutrients not only beneficial for health improvement but also makes the disease fighting system stronger than any other thing. A healthy diet provides the body raw energy that human body consumes right after the eating or stores its elements in muscles to use in future. Nutrition rich foods play a vital role in improving your behavior and overall healthy by reducing the risk factors that can cause serious illness or health issues.

Healthy eating is always on the top of the list that contains super healthy habits for a vigorous living, but question is that what to eat for an active brain, healthy heart, and fit body? Where to find the power-packed diet and food stuff filled with antioxidants, minerals, protein, vitamins, and omega-3 etc? There is the comprehensive answer to all your questions regarding healthy diet and food. Below is the list of super healthy foods on the planet that you must have on your plate when eating breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Here are some healthy foods for healthy you:

Apple: Apple is the healthier fruit ever for good health because it contains white edible portions that reduce the risk of heart stroke and many other harmful diseases. It is famed saying that “an apple in a day, keeps the doctor away”, so make a habit of eating apple everyday in order to trim your visits of doctor down.

Eggs: It is the well-known source of getting protein naturally and a very hard to get nutrients named choline. It helps a lot in lowering the risk factors of breast cancer. According to health reviews and suggestions of medical experts, people with heart disease must limit the use of egg yolk twice in a week.

Almonds: Looking for a super healthy food for health improvement as well as to make the brain stronger? You must go with almonds as a consumer can get multi nourishment via almonds like vitamin E, iron, calcium and fiber etc. these are also best to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol in the blood.

Fish: If oily fish is on the dining table, then you are about to enjoy vitamins A and D to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. It allows you to eat omega-3 fatty acids that are good for heart health and also protect cell walls from damages.

Blueberries:  These are best to get antioxidants than anything else. Antioxidant helps to prevent high blood pressure and other heart diseases. In simple words, blueberries are delicious and full of power food that contributes a lot to health improvement.

Green beans: Green beans are fiber rich and also promote weight loss to keep the body in good shape. These make your tummy full without adding a large number of calories in your body.