Is Skipping Breakfast Bad or Good

Is Skipping Breakfast Bad or Good

Studies have shown that one should not skip the breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day to invigorate your body but if you are hunting w

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Studies have shown that one should not skip the breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day to invigorate your body but if you are hunting weight loss goals then what would be the answer? According to latest weight loss research and studies, one can shed extra pounds of weight healthily just in six weeks just by skipping the breakfast but how it is possible? When you skip the very first meal of the day, you are probably to eat more during the whole day even up to the level of overeating. It is very easy to find controversies in these days about the solid connection between breakfast and weight loss but the majority of people is still confused about the fact. Plenty of blogs and websites over the web are telling us that skipping breakfast might be the healthy way to lose weight, but how? In this article, we will try to make clear that why it is not okay to skip breakfast in order to boost up weight loss process.

Benefits of breakfast

Most of people just skip the breakfast due to busy routine but spending few minutes on eating the most important meal of the day offers your plenty of benefits for your overall health. It is not only required to keep the body in good health to perform daily activities healthily but eating a healthy breakfast in the start of the day also improves mental performance. Breakfast means “break the fast” and eating a healthy breakfast gives your body and mind fuel and energy to perform better in a whole day. It is the great source of imperative nutrients that human body needs just like calcium, iron and B vitamins etc. breakfast can improve weight loss process as it boosts up the metabolism system after the sleep and fast of the whole night which is the good symbol of losing extra weight. Not skipping, but eating breakfast is favorable for people who are about to lose weight.

Disadvantages of skipping breakfast

Skipping your breakfast or eating the first meal of the day too late will not help you in weight loss but additionally, it can cause risk of serious heart diseases. It is something healthy that gives enough energy to your body which is required to perform day to day activities and workout etc. Breakfast eaters tend to eat less during the day than who are not eating their breakfast after waking up from sleep. As a breakfast eater, you can lose extra weight quickly than breakfast skippers because it reduces your hunger and keeps you away from food to boost up the weight loss process. When you skip breakfast, it causes low sugar level in blood which is the early sign of many heart diseases and you may face serious medical issues by skipping breakfast instead of losing weight.