Are you ignoring your Gut Health?

Are you ignoring your Gut Health?

Most people are far from realizing that their food habits predominantly form gut bacteria and are responsible for both good and bad microbes. Human he

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Gut HealthMost people are far from realizing that their food habits predominantly form gut bacteria and are responsible for both good and bad microbes. Human health can be greatly affected by an unhealthy gut and experiments carried out all around the world confirm it.

Doctors, scientists and eminent researchers have come together to clarify and confirm that digestive health is the core reason for most of the distressing health maladies. A leaky gut can greatly impact one’s health and only a balance of good and bad bacteria can come to rescue. Herein we will discuss some of the warning signs that should never be ignored. Read on!

What does your ‘gut’ tell you?

Although it is difficult to get a grip of digestive dysfunction on the very onset but keeping close eye on the symptoms can help us understand when we need to make our way to the doctor’s chamber.

Are you falling sick more often? Gas, bloating, acidity, getting backed up or loose motions for a prolonged period of time may be signs by which our body is trying to convey that something is just not right. Its better to have a word with your physician before it is too late.

How are you feeling? Not just the body but the mental vigour is also affected by gut disturbances. The neurotransmitters that the gut bacteria produce send signals to the brain so when any blip befalls it can give way to various mental ailments. Therefore, if you have having frequent mood swings it’s time to get yourself checked.

Vitamin deficiencies can also be the red signs as otherwise healthy gut when working fine takes adequate care that the body is a store house of various vitamins and minerals.

Some medications like antibiotics if taken on a regular basis can obliterate gut bacteria but in the process the good microbes that help in digestion are also wiped out leading to a leaky gut.

Stress: More than anything that hampers out gut health is stress, the underlying factor for any and every health condition. Find ways to manage your stress or before you know it this will hinder the smooth functioning of your gut, consequently giving rise to many more onerous problems.

Pigmentation, discolouring of skin and acne or itchy skin can be more than just skin issues— rather can be a debilitated gut. So, if this is what you are facing get on with a health check-up to unveil the concealed reasons.

Auto-immune disorders like colitis, arthritis etc., can also give rise to digestive troubles. When the immune system is out of shape then nothing works fine.

Ways to a healthy gut is not very trying! Do away with toxins, manage your stress, avoid packaged food and practise healthy eating with balanced intake of vitamins, minerals, carbs, fat, proteins. Adding fermented food in our menu can help generate good bacteria and restore your gut health. The aforementioned symptoms indicate that your gut health is at risk. Pay heed instantly. You can lookup online for more information or even talk to your family doctor for insights.

Remember, you gut instinct is always right!