How to Treat Bone Spurs on Your Feet


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Introduction to Bone Spurs

Bone spurs are recognized as osteophytes in the medical dictionary. It is the bony growth that usually forms along the bone edges and most often at the top of joints. This medical condition is painful and can prevent you from doing day to day tasks. Bone spurs can grow on all bones of the human Skelton and can also be unnoticed for months. An individual can spend his/her entire life by not knowing that he/she has bone spurs till noticed in the X-ray report.

Bone Spur on your Feet

As it is mentioned in recent lines that bone spurs can appear on any bone, bone spurs on feet is a common medical condition these days. Mostly bone spurs take place on the foot due to the extensive amount of pressure on the foot bones. It can appear on the top of the mid-foot or you can develop a heel spur.

Treating Bone spurs on the Feet

There is no need to treat bone spur on feet if doesn’t have any symptoms. However, it will not leave by its own and following treatments can help you prevent bone spur on your feet quickly.

1 Shed some Pounds

Losing weight will definitely help you reduce the pressure and stress on the bones of your feet to relieve pain and to treat bone spurs on your feet. There are different ways to lose weight fast such as healthy eating, regular exercise, lower calorie intake, eating more fruits and veggies, cutting back on processed & sugary stuff and changing your shoes etc. However, you can also ask fitness trainer or weight loss expert for some healthy weight loss activities to shed extra pounds from your body weight.

2 Heat & Ice Therapy

Heat & ice therapy is one of the best treatments to ease the pain linked with bone spurs on the feet. Heat is the best thing to get pain and toughness better. On another hand, ice releases swelling and inflammation caused by bone spurs. You can use a cold or heating pad on the affected area of your feet for 10- 15 minutes and repeat the process several times to get the condition better soon.

3 Massage and Stretching

According to studies published in the journal Pain Medicine, massage is one of the best natural remedies that help relieve various types of pain and bone spurs is one of them. Effective massage therapy can help you ease the pain connected with bone spurs on the feet than any other treatment. As compared to other treatments, it can also have fewer side effects and proved greatly beneficial.

4 Choose the Right Shoes

Always spend money on the shoes that aren’t too tight or too loose for your feet. Your shoes shouldn’t your pinch your toes. Walking shoes are specifically made to protect feet after an injury or something similar that you can use in order to treat bone spurs on your feet in the best way. Such boots are also known as the best pain reliever associated with the bone or heel spurs. Shoes with rounded or square toe are also great to wear because they provide extra room to make your feet relax.

5 Vitamin and Mineral Intake

As we know that bone spurs are directly associated with osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis is usually linked with the deficiency of necessary minerals and vitamins for the health of bones. In simple words, bone spurs can naturally be treated by eating a healthy and balanced diet full of all essential vitamins and minerals. A diet with high calcium and minerals could be the best way to treat this medical condition naturally without experiencing any side effects.

6 Pain Relievers

As different pain relievers can help you ease different types of pain, pain relievers like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or naproxen sodium could be great to treat pain caused by bone spurs on your feet. However, you should take them according to the prescription of a healthcare expert or doctor.

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