How To Prevent Heat Illness

How To Prevent Heat Illness

What is heat illness? As summer season brings a variety of scrumptious fruits with it but the diversity of heat-related illness can also harm your he

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What is heat illness?

As summer season brings a variety of scrumptious fruits with it but the diversity of heat-related illness can also harm your health if you are not employing appropriate and recommended safety measures to prevent heat illness. It is the medical condition when your body suffers from some common illness factors or diseases such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps, heat stroke or sunburn due to the excess heat around you or in the area where you are living or working. The human body also generates heat and cools itself by sweetening that we can get by drinking plenty of water. When your body unable to cool itself naturally, it’s called heat illness and can have dangerous health effects on your physical and mental health if not prevented on the initial stage. Eventually, children and teens suffer from heat related illness than adults because they cannot adjust the change in the environment quickly like adults. The extent of heat produced by their activities could be the major cause of heat illness in teens and kids than adults.

How to prevent heat illness

Heat-related illness is a common health concern that people of all ages face during the summer season and staying out in the open fields or areas is the major cause of heat illness that can be prevented by employing tips for preventing heat-related illness. If you are also looking for some simple yet fruitful ways to prevent heat illness in this summer, you must read and take up following tips to prevent heat-related illness below.

Drinking water to prevent heat illness

In long days of the summer season, the temperature of the human body can rise to a dangerous level that can cause different heat-related illness like sunburn, heat cramp, and heat stroke etc. water consumption is the very first and highly recommended home remedy to stay away from recently mentioned health issues. Stay hydrated up to healthy recommended levels so your body will naturally be able to cool itself.

Limit your outdoor activities

You can prevent the heat illness by limiting your outdoor activities, especially from 10am to 2pm (peak sun hours). You must also avoid direct sunlight and stay away from crowded areas as humidity is also the common cause of heat related illness.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes with light colors

Always choose light-weight and loose clothes with light and cool colors as they can help you to stay cool even in the long days of summer with a high of 45+. Always remember to wear sunscreen before visiting the market or open areas where sun direct hits your skin.

Keep changing your direction to the sun when working outdoor

If you have to perform some activities under the sun, you must keep changing your direction to the sun because it will help you to prevent heat exhaustion as well as heat-related illness and issues.

Never leave your kids and pets in the car

When traveling with your kids or pet in the summer season, don’t ever leave them in the car even for a few moments. Killing beams of the sunshine can make the car hot to kill an innocent life.

Stay updated with weather forecast

Tune into the local news channel in order to get some weather forecasts for the day. It will help you to fight the environmental changes and heat as well when moving out from home for work or for shopping.