How to Prepare a Wellness Calendar and Stick to it


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Wellness CalendarSticking to your health and fitness goals seems more of a challenge than setting them at the first place. Keeping a wellness calendar is advisable but the question is – how exactly do you maintain that calendar and how do you go on to ensure that your fitness plans are right on track. While maintaining a specific fitness regime actually does a lot to your health, you can well imagine that it does a lot to your confidence as well. Just the thought of losing those inches or for that matter slipping into dresses that you thought you could never fit in can do wonders to your personality.

Today, we will be discussing a few ways with the help of which you can stick to your wellness calendar after making it at the first place. Do read on in order to be duly guided and stay informed forever!

Do it yourself because your wellness calendar is your responsibility

Half the battle is won if you are doing it for yourself and not for anyone else. Do remember that studies have shown that people who hit the gym for themselves are likely to stick to it in the long run when compared to those who hit it only for a class reunion or for that matter under peer pressure.

A fitness calendar should ideally be geared towards showing you the benchmarks that you have actually gone on to achieve for yourself. For instance, you might as well want to record the number of push-ups you have covered in six months. See how many you could do at the beginning of the first month- then at the beginning of the third month and then at the six month and so on .

You can do the same with your diet as well. For instance, you can figure out if you have been able to reduce the intake of a favorite food which is a strict no-no as far as your weight is concerned.

Learn it slow and act slow

It is important on your end to acknowledge the significance of taking baby steps towards your fitness goals. You have to understand that fitness is actually a long drawn process and overnight results should never be expected. If you are taking too much upon yourself then you would actually end up injuring yourself. It is thus far better to take small steps towards your fitness goals rather than stepping back with a sore body right after hitting the gym.

You can prepare your wellness calendar in compliance with specific goals. For instance, if you have just joined the gym then you keep track of year round general attributes like weight loss, calorie loss etc. However, you can adjust your way of keeping track if you are interested in something like fitness camps.

Make sure that you are not arbitrarily assuming that maintaining a fitness calendar isn’t really an uphill task. If you are prudent enough to follow the aforementioned steps, it will be way easier for you!

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