How Mental Health is Benfited by Friendships

How Mental Health is Benfited by Friendships

Strong friendships forged during adolesecence actually go on to pave the way for sound mental health in the years to come. Yes.  The aforementioned st

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Strong friendships forged during adolesecence actually go on to pave the way for sound mental health in the years to come. Yes.  The aforementioned statement is now backed by substantial statistics. Do read in order to discover what we actually imply.

About Friendships and Mental Health: What the Researches have to Say

Now, consistent isolation has never really been viewed with favor – especially when it comes to teens or adolescents. Making friendships has always been a crucial part of our growing up – quite simply because of our innate gregariousness. A life sans friendships made in school, neighborhood and immediate vicinity is instanteneously associated with possible depression. The results of the study conducted by the University of Virginia – as such – are actually a thumping re-assertion of the same. Do read on in order to discover what we actually mean.

Now, researchers hailing from UV or the University of Virginia actually studied the effects of friendships forged during adolescence on long term mental health. As per the research, friendships or strong bonds formed during one’s teenage years, help a person to develop and eventually maintain good mental health even during adulthood as well.

Details of the Study thus Conducted

The journal “Child Development” published this particular study. Notably, the lead author of the study is Rachel K. Narr who is also doing her PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Virginia’s Department of Psychology.

Now, the studies thus conducted have notably highlighted the fact that teenagers that have close friends are usually capable of handling stressful situations better than the ones who unfortunately lack such relations in life. Additionally, they are happier and are expected to perform better in academics. The self-esteem is duly bolstered because of these personal equations as well. Now, it should be pointed out that the benefits continue to impact their lives in their adulthood as well. The segment of the post is dedicated to the same—i.e. exploring how friendships made during teenage can actually benefit you during adulthood – as far as your mental health is concerned.

In order to study the impact of strong teenage friendships during adulthood, Rachel and other researchers conducted a survey on 169 teenagers when they were 15 years of age and followed them up 10 years later when they were 25. The researchers have conspicuously examined teenagers over the years – with due focus on factors like:

  • Anxiety
  • Social Acceptance
  • Self worth

And, what exactly did they find? We will find that out in the course of the post.

It was found that teenagers who formed close bonds with their friends at the age of 15 actually reported lower anxiety, minimal depressive symptoms and of course a relatively higher sense of self worth. The results of course were more positive compared to what was the case with those who did not forge such bonds as teenagers. It has been inferred that the quality of friendships formed during adolescence did have direct impact on our emotional health.

So, you can well gauge the value of forging such bonds at an early age.