How does Type 2 Diabetes Affect Bone Health?

How does Type 2 Diabetes Affect Bone Health?

While findings in relation to diabetes mellitus keep on surfacing every now and then, there is a new study which claims that older adults with type 2

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Diabetes MellitusWhile findings in relation to diabetes mellitus keep on surfacing every now and then, there is a new study which claims that older adults with type 2 diabetes are more prone to fractures than what’s the case with their non-diabetic counterparts. And what’s the reason behind such a claim? We will unravel details right here!

What does the research have to say? Do explore in detail

Elizabeth Samelson from the Institute for Aging Research at Hebrew Senior Life in Boston, US is of opinion that fractures among older adults with Type 2 diabetes only make for a recurrent health problem. Presumably, it might as well take the shape of an old-age epidemic with the passage of time. The aforementioned study revealed that older adults with Type-2 diabetes suffer from cortical bone deficit.

The study has been published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research and it states that the very microarchitecture of the cortical bone can actually be altered – if you are a senior – and that can eventually lead to exposing you to a very high risk of fracture. The study or research actually focused on 1000 members who were examined over a period of three years. The research notably involved the use of high resolution scanning to identify problems in cortical bone microarchitecture in older adults with diabetes. Notably, these problems cannot really be identified by normal bone density testing.

 More about bone health

We know how osteoporosis (which refers to the condition characterized by thinning of bones in older adults) – can actually impact your quality of life adversely. Not only a highly decreased quality of life, but fractures related to osteoporosis can even lead to death. Reseachers went on to warn that even those with higher bone density actually demonstrated chances of higher risk of fracture if they actually had type 2 diabetes.  Seniors with diabetes typically demonstrated 40 to 50% higher risk of hip fracture.

Older people with diabetes as such can just try out a few food items like fenugreek seeds, beetroot, bananas and tomatoes to actually keep their sugar levels under control.

Bananas contain starch just like legumes and potatoes do. These fruits are particularly known for improving gut health and shoring up blood sugar control.

How to improve bone health when you are old?

Fenugreek can be consumed in the form of powder with lukewarm water every morning – right as you prepare to kickstart your day. These seeds have fiber, which is helpful in slowing down digestion thereby aptly regulating the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates by your body.

Please make sure that you are also including amla juice along with a slight dose of turmeric powder – once again – every morning. Thanks to its content of a mineral called chromium amla juice is deemed fit for regulating carbohydrate metabolism. It also renders our body responsive to insulin.

Make sure that you are serious about your chances of being exposed to bone fractures if you are currently a senior battling type-2 diabetes. Hopefully this particular post has been of help.