How Are Dry Eyes Treated? Natural Dry Eye Treatments


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Dry eye can be a chronic or temporary condition and it may not be curable due to its specific causes and sternness. Continuing dry eye usually occurs when eyes are unable to produce enough tears due to some reasons. On another hand, there can be several environmental factors behind temporary dry eye syndrome.

Causes of Dry Eyes

Lack of balance in the tear-flow system is one of the common and major causes of dry eyes. Moreover, things around you like the air conditioner, Gas or electric heater and other environmental factors can also make your eyes dry.

Some of the common causes of dry eyes are:

Aging process

Side effects of different medications

The illness that affects the ability to make tears

Medical issues or problems that don’t allow the eyelids to work properly etc.

Dry Eye Treatments

Use of the suggested products, medications, and following the recommendations and lifestyle changes told by the doctor is the best possible way to treat dry eyes. As there can be a number of reasons and causes of dry eyes, a variety of natural dry eye treatments, approaches and medications can be used to sooth properly.

1 Blink More

Staring at the digital screens like laptop or smartphone limits the number of blinks per minute and it can cause dry eyes at work or at home. That is the reason, one should try to blink more or follow the 20-20 rule (close the eyes for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes). Setting the computer screen below the eye level is one of the best ways to make your eyes blink more to remain normally wet. It helps slow tear loss between blinks to make eyes less dry.

2 Eat More Oily Fish

Addition of oily fishes in your diet can help you treat dry eyes naturally. Salmon, tuna and trout fish can be great for you to make your oil-making glands work better than before. It can also work well for different types of eye irritation. Eating other foods naturally rich in omega-3 fats such as vegetable oils and walnuts etc. can help soothe dry eyes naturally. You can also consume more Omega-3 fatty acids via pills, tablets or supplements. However, you should consult with the doctor before starting any supplement or medication for this purpose.

3 Stay Hydrated

The human body needs plenty of water to stay fit, healthy and active. Lack of enough water in your body can also cause dry eyes and you can treat the condition by staying hydrated. Drinking water can keep the eyes moist. One shouldn’t wait for the thirst to drink water, but make a habit to drink more than 8 glass of water while feeling thirsty or not. If you don’t like to drink water, then you can opt for infused water as it is also healthy and best for overall health. Consumption of water-rich foods such as cucumbers and watermelon is also best to fill your tummy with a sufficient amount of water. Checking your pee is a natural way to check either your body getting enough fluids or not. If it is colorless or light yellow, then your body has healthy fluid levels.

4 Wear Wraparound Sunglasses

Wearing wraparound sunglasses is a great idea to shield your eyes from drying winds and other pollutants that cause tears to vanish rapidly. Also, keep your eyes protected from the blowing air of hairdryer when setting your hair up for an event. The same should be done with the air of fan, air conditioner, and other air-blowing machines.

5 Use a Humidifier

It can help you keep your eyes wet normally by adding moisture to the dry air. Use of an air filter that filters air for dust and other dirt particles can also help you prevent dry eyes indoor. When it comes to invest in the latest technology to maintain a healthy indoor environment, one should choose the reliable vendor/provider to make sure the money is not wasted.

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