Home Remedies For Acidity

Home Remedies For Acidity

Acidity is on the list of most common medical issues that mostly all of us are facing. It is not a major health concern but could be dangerous if not

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Home Remedies For AcidityAcidity is on the list of most common medical issues that mostly all of us are facing. It is not a major health concern but could be dangerous if not treated properly right after feeling its symptoms. A person may feel this medical condition due to surplus production of acids by gastric glands. It is the discomfort of stomach and heartburn is the major symptom of acidity. Gastric or hydrochloric acid is produced by our stomach to break down the food as well as to digest but when it is produced in great quantity than required, acidity arises. It brings discomfort in your overall health and fetches different uncomfortable symptoms such as the sour taste of the mouth, heaviness, heartburn, and heart burning sensation in the stomach. The burning sensation can also move towards the throat. Processed, oily and spicy foods are the common cause of the acidity and one can employ different home remedies for acidity to get rid of the situation. Whenever you feel acidity due to overeating or any other reason, make use of following simple ways to cure acidity at home without a doctor visit.

Here are some home remedies for acidity

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best way to cure the acidity at home. Just put two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into the full cup of water and consume for one time. You can take one more dose in the same order if not feeling well after taking the first dose. It will surely help you to treat the acidity naturally.


As the rich source of potassium that helps you maintain a healthy level of acid production in the stomach, eating bananas can aid you in curing the stomach acidity as soon as possible.

Lemon juice

Drinking the lemon juice while suffering from acidity, can help you feel better. You must drink minimum 2 glasses of lemon juice in a day to get beat the acidity and go for the 3rd one if still facing the issue.

Milk is the best remedy to cure acidity

Consume the cold milk without adding anything in it like sugar because it provides the immediately heal the situation of acidity. You can repeat the dose on regular basis in order to get rid of the acidity permanently.

Say no to alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the common acidity causes and you must cut the consumption of alcohol down in order to stay away from acidity.


Consumption of crushed cloves will work as the natural acid neutralizer in your stomach. You can also cook your meals by adding the cloves in the recipes to put off symptoms of the acidity.

Develop your eating habits

Good eating habits could be the natural way to avert the acidity and its symptoms. You must stop eating even there are some bites in your meal plate. Always cut down the consumption of processed, oily and fried foods.