Hobbies and Health: The “Connect” Discussed

Hobbies and Health: The “Connect” Discussed

Our hobbies complete us. At the end of the day or week or even month, when we are done fulfilling our personal and professional responsibilities, we s

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 Health Benefits of your HobbiesOur hobbies complete us. At the end of the day or week or even month, when we are done fulfilling our personal and professional responsibilities, we sit down to write or read or paint or for that matter get up to dance. While we can’t get enough of the fact that our hobbies help us make productive use of our free time, we often fail to acknowledge the health benefits of our hobbies as well.

Today, in the course of the post- we are going to do just that –i.e. identify the myriad health benefits of our hobbies. Do browse further to unravel.

As an Effectively Beneficial Outlet

Listen to Christopher D. Stanton, MD, with Renown Medical Group when he says that our hobbies – beyond everything else—provides us with an alternative space to spend our time and mental energy thereby leaving us reinvigorated. He, for instance, plays banjo. He visits his “banjoland”, which he says keeps him sorted by helping him combat stress.


Then, we all know that dancing actually has its own set of benefits – that it’s an effective form of exercise. Dancing emerges as a more efficacious exercise when you are practicing it at home—since there is absolutely no added pressure to look good. Dancing is often viewed as a social activity and there is no room to rule out the fact that indulging in these activities is actually beneficial for our general well-being. Dancing is effective because it is fun and a super-energetic but stress-free form of workout. Not many of us realize it but dancing is an excellent form of cardio workout that – of course – helps in the improvement of cardiovascular health, bone health and stamina.

As per the findings of a Cochrane Review conducted in the year 2011, dancing at least around thrice a week also bolsters balance among the elderly. This does come as a huge relief since as per a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report around 2.8 million elderly people are treated for fall injuries on an average.

Group-Related Hobbies

Have you ever thought about the advantage of group-related hobbies? Book clubs, hiking and bowling are group-related hobbies. They act as major resources of social support. Bonding with others reduces stress to a major extent.

Once again, there are so many of us who are not even aware of the fact that gardening is actually beneficial for your brain. Since you are outdoors for a considerable part of the day, you are reducing the effect of Vitamin D deficiency in your body. In fact, a study also went on to find that gardening also reduced chances of dementia by around 36%! In general, activities like pulling weeds, reaching out for gardening tools every time you’re working in your gardening and planting are equated to light aerobic exercises that – of course—contribute to your overall physical well-being.

So, it is important to find time to channelize your hobbies – not only because they render a sense of purpose beyond work but are also good for our health.