High Calorie Foods to Gain Weight Fast

High Calorie Foods to Gain Weight Fast

Adding strong muscles and weight gain can be difficult as shedding extra pounds from your body. It will also take determination and a proper plan to s

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Adding strong muscles and weight gain can be difficult as shedding extra pounds from your body. It will also take determination and a proper plan to succeed. Whether you are underweight or simply want to add perfect measures of healthy curves and muscles to your body, below we have listed some high-calorie foods that can make your weight gain efforts more effective and healthy too.

Best Foods to Gain Weight Quickly and Healthily


Rice is considered as one of the best and healthy foods to gain weight fast. According to health care experts, almost 165 grams of rice can add 190 healthy calories and 43 grams carbs to your body to help you gain weight. One can gain a high amount of carbs and calories from a single serving of 1 cup rice. It can also be the best food for you if you have a poor appetite because rice can help you eat more. Cooking a large pot of rice and combining it with some healthy proteins and fats can provide you great outcomes.


A whole egg contains healthy nutrients that not only enables work to fit bulk, balance your hormones and also enhances cell functions to keep yourself healthy. A whole egg successfully adds 71 healthy calories to your weight and eating 2 whole eggs each day can boost your weight gain efforts greatly. Personal trainers suggest their clients eat 6 eggs daily not only to add muscles but to gain healthy weight too. If you are not getting personal training and simply want to add healthy pounds into your body weight, set your routine to eat 2 to 3 whole eggs daily and you will experience ultimate weight gain progress.


As avocados are rich in healthy calories, these can be a great fit to add in your diet plan in order to gain weight fast. These are also known as a great source of healthy vitamins and minerals. You can add 160 healthy calories into your body by eating 100g of avocados.

Red meat

Red meats contain healthy protein and fat that can promote weight gain and can also play an important role in boosting muscle mass.  That is the reason, red meats are known as one of the best high calorie and muscle building foods that you can add to your diet plan to add healthy weight and appealing curves into your body.


Salmon is a great natural source of protein and other healthy fats that can promote healthy weight gain. Salmons are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are considered as the most important healthy acids. Eating salmon in your meals will not only add healthy pounds to your body but will also keep you healthy by fighting various diseases.

Nuts and Nut Butters

If you are seeking something healthy to gain weight fast, nuts and nut butter can be a perfect match for you. A small handful of almonds contain almost 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of fats that can improve weight gain process amazingly. You can also add nut butter into your different meals and dishes to get some extra healthy pounds.

Dried Fruits

You can take dried fruits as high-calorie snacks when you feel empty in the office or at the workplace because they provide healthy antioxidants and micronutrients to help build muscles and gain weight. As dried fruits are high in sugar, they can help you add healthy pounds into your body quickly. Since dried fruits are convenient to eat and also great in taste, you can easily eat them during the work in the office or while traveling.


Milk is the best thing for you to gain weight because it offers a healthy blend of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins to keep you healthy and to promote weight gain too. Milk is also known as a great healthy source of vitamins and minerals. It is a great choice for people who are trying to build strong muscles. You can replace water with milk during the meals if you really want to add some healthy pounds into your body weight or