Heart Health for Women – How to Prevent Heart Disease in Women


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You are totally wrong if you think that heart diseases can have dangerous effects on men. Because heart disease is known as one of the leading death causes in women as well.

Nowadays, there are quite a few false impressions about heart disease in women, and unfortunately, they could be putting you at a high risk if you are a female.

In this situation, you must have enough knowledge about unique symptoms of heart disease in women in order to reduce or prevent the risk of heart disease.

So, do you really know that what causes heart disease in females? What are the ways to prevent heart disease in women? And more importantly what is the survival rate?

If no, then go through this writing and know the all basics regarding heart health for women in order to live a balanced life with healthy heart.

Carefully read these heart health tips that will surely help you make superior decisions about an important part of your body ‘heart’;

Heart-healthy diet is at top

Healthy eating should be your most important and primary concern in order to keep your heart healthy. You can do this easily by reading the nutrition facts that can easily be seen on the food labels to make healthy choices.

Here are some suggestions to choose heart healthy diet in order to maintain good heart health for women

  • Go for the foods that are low in salt and sodium
  • Eat the food in moderation that contains ‘trans fat’ as it is considered as the major cause of heart attacks
  • Cut back on sugary foods, especially soda drinks and other similar things

You can also take on these healthy habits to save your heart.

Manage your health conditions

According to heart health experts, several medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels can put your heart health at high risks.

In order to prevent heart disease in women, you should manage your health conditions by keeping an eagle’s eye on.

Make and maintain a blood pressure and sugar tracker in order to stay at the top of unfavorable health conditions naturally.

You can also consult with your family doctor if you are suffering from any of recently mentioned health conditions.

Take your medicines as directed. Do not stop taking your medicines until your doctor says that it is OK.

Ask the doctor for best exercise and workout activities that can keep your heart and overall health in good condition.

Learn the facts about use of aspirin

Aspirin is the most commonly prescribed medication for several heart-related issues but it is not right for everyone. That is the reason, every woman should learn the fact about aspirin consumption.

You should ask your family doctor or cardiologist that if you should use aspirin to manage your heart health or not.

You should learn that if it is right for you then how much you can take, how often you should consume and most importantly how long you can take without facing any side effects.

Be familiar with the signs of heart attack in women

When you are better aware of the signs of heart attack, you can better control the situation by taking some basic steps to prevent heart disease.

It is said by experts that signs of a heart attack can little bit be different for women and anyone should know them well in order to maintain good heart health for women. These are some common heart attack signs in women;

  • Feeling the heavy ache or pressure on chest
  • Unbearable pain in upper body that may include arms, neck, jaw and back etc
  • Breath Shortness is one of the signs of heart attack as well
  • Breaking out in a cold sweat
  • You may feel strange tiredness that may hard to explain
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness can also be the signs of heart attack in women

It is also said by healthcare experts that not every women get all of the recently mentioned symptoms of heart attack. However, if any of you have a chest discomfort along with one or more signs of heart attack, you must visit the doctor immediately in order to maintain good heart health.

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