Health effects and few lesser known facts of hot yoga


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hot yogaYoga has gained immense recognition over the years and it still continues to touch lives and make them better. Amongst the many forms that are there in yoga shastra, hot yoga or Bikram yoga as it is called is performing a series of traditional poses in a room with air temperature of 105 degrees and approximately 40 percent of humidity. It’s a unique innovative style of practising yoga in a heated room under supervision of highly qualified trainers. From time immemorial yoga has been there treating many health maladies naturally. So, is this form of yoga as benefitting as the others? Find out more about how this sort affects your health. Read on!

The hotter, the better!

Yoga practitioners in favour of practising hot yoga confirm that when they perform yoga in a heated room their flexibility is enhanced further. Stretching and strengthening become a lot easier with the rise in room temperature.

Bikram yoga experts are fervent believers that hot yoga cleanses toxins of their body as you perspire extensively when you get heated up both on the inside and the exterior as well. Hot yoga is equally very good for your skin taking the place of the vapor sprays and heat treatments that the beauty salon facial packages offer.

You can lose weight like magic with hot yoga. As already known you burn more calories when you are hot and what better than performing heat generating yogic postures in a heated room?

Little did we know that hot yoga can make better one’s immune system alongside making us more flexible than ever. What is more satisfying is the way it benefits mental health of those who practise it. You will be able to hold yourself back together and it will positively impact your self-reliance and will power thus lowering your stress levels to let you live a happy, healthy and controlled life!

The ‘not so hot’ facts

Everything has its own share of downsides and long-term health effects of hot yoga are not known to many. The profuse sweating and unnecessary rise in body temperature are considered perilous by doctors. Heat exhaustion can cause you to be out of breath and dehydrate you consequently.

Overstretching or breaking boundaries as coined by hot yoga professionals is often harmful and overdoing it can call upon injuries.

Another school of researchers clarify that if raising the temperature of a room alone could help you burn calories faster then standing under the sun would do the same as in both the cases perspiration happens.

It is recommended that before joining any such form of exercise one must consult the family doctor or any general physician nearby. Women on their family way and patients suffering from any illnesses must refrain from such exertions. Yoga by and large has been advantageous to the masses but again not everything suits one and all. Before you get on board make sure you get all the information you need and join only if you feel at ease.

Be mindful and listen to your body!!

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