Health at 50: What you Need to Remember

Health at 50: What you Need to Remember

Post fifties don’t really have to be all about your struggle with high cholesterol or else with weak muscles. Documented below are tips with the help

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Healthy Post 50Post fifties don’t really have to be all about your struggle with high cholesterol or else with weak muscles. Documented below are tips with the help of which you can actually step up your efforts to maintain a perfectly healthy mind and body even post your fifties. Make sure you’re reading on for further details.

Walk walk and walk: Your road to fitness post 50!

Start off by investing in a pedometer. And just initiate your exposure to fitness if you haven’t done that already. You don’t necessarily have to struggle with obstinate fat pockets. Walk ten thousand steps or around 5 miles every day to knock off your fat. Regular walking in such a fashion also goes on to strengthen your lower body and keep your heart health on track. The best way of course is to divide the steps – go out of your house with your dog, walk while talking over the phone or volunteer to take part in errands like buying groceries or medicines.

Battling High Cholesterol Effectively

High cholesterol doesn’t exactly have to be a niggling problem. Though high cholesterol remains a common problem, do know for a fact that you can control your cholesterol even when you are over fifty. The trick is to acquaint yourself with the difference between bad and good cholesterol. Thanks to our eating and general lifestyle habits, we actually end up acquiring bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol can even end up posing serious heart health risks. Most of the general practitioners out there recommend statins. It is important for you to cut down on saturated fats like fatty meats, cheese and butter from your diet.

Beware of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you didn’t have an idea all this while, then let us tell you that the rate of Sexually Transmitted Diseases among those in their fifties has risen by an alarming rate. So, once again, as is the advice for younger adults, even the older people are urged to practise safe sex complete with condoms. Get checked for STI on a regular basis.

Diet what?

There is practically no need to stick to a very strict diet. Instead of starving start consuming healthy food. The extra pounds start kicking in with menopause. It gets difficult to lose weight during menopause even with the strictest of diet. It is extremely important on your end to ensure that you are actually leaving no stone unturned to find out what works for your fitness post 50 and what doesn’t. For instance, if you have actually been eating white grains all this time, try and switch to whole grains. Whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes are definitely good options to consider.

Besides taking care of your health, make sure you are duly taking care of your skin as well. Resort to very simple skin care solutions to keep possibilities of brown spots, wrinkles and skin cancer at bay. Experts opine that post-50 skin care regime doesn’t really have to be expensive at all. You can even reverse some damage by using products with oxidants.