Why Do You Get A Headache After Eating

Why do you get a headache after every meal: If you feel a headache after every meal then you are not alone in this case. Many of the people around th

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Why do you get a headache after every meal:

If you feel a headache after every meal then you are not alone in this case. Many of the people around the world are troubling from this problem. The pain which we feel after the meal is also known as a postprandial headache. We can’t ignore this pain whenever people feel this pain then they can’t perform any other activity with the complete attention. Some headache may be the cause of a certain type of food some are the underlying conditions which always required the medical attention.

Some causes of a headache after eating:

Some people notice that their post-food headache is especially bad after every meal or consuming sweets or crabs. But some people feel the pain after every meal.

The following reasons may be the cause of a headache after every meal.

  • Postprandial hypoglycemia: This condition is usually characterized when you feel a headache within four hours after the eating. It is also known as a reactive hypoglycemia. It usually happens due to increase the level of sugar. Some cause is also included in it like diabetes, digestive tumors, abnormal hormone level.
  • Food allergy: the food which we eat in our daily routine can also be the cause of the food allergy which can be the cause of a headache after the meal. Some ingredients are not suitable for everyone so you may suffer from the unaware allergy.
  • Food intolerance: it is different from the food allergy but it can happen due to the food intolerance are almost always digestive in nature.
  • Cold stimulus: this type of a headache is very commonly known as a brain freeze or also known as ice cream headache. When we eat or drink very cold thing like ice cream or cold water then it’s happened to us. Doctors said that this problem is occurred due to the changes in the blood vessels around the certain nerve because they try to control the cold temperature. Normally this type of headache cure by itself and it is lasting seconds to minutes.

Treating and managing food-induced headaches:

  • Stay hydrated: staying hydrated is an important fact for our body health. Doctors always recommend drinking 15 to 16 glasses of water in a day. if we don’t pay any attention to this point then we will definitely face the problem of dehydration and also the headache pain. Water is the best choice to get rid of this problem.
  • Consider an elimination diet: diet plays an important role in our life. If we eat a healthy and balanced diet in our daily routine then you should consult your doctor about the elimination diet. In the elimination diet, you have to taste different foods on your daily basis to know that which food impacts your health bad or good. This can help you to know that which food suits you or which is not. For example, if you don’t take any dairy products in your diet then you can try the dairy products in elimination diet which will help to know that how the dairy product will impact your health.
  • Gentle massage: the massage in your head not less than a blessing. When you are suffering from a headache then a message is the best option to get rid of the pain. Massage will make your brain active and strong. You can also add it to your life as a soothing treatment even you don’t feel any pain, because it will help you to get comfort and relaxation from the daily routine work.
  • Lavender oil: this oil is very popular due to its characteristics. Many of the people are used to get relief from a headache to buys the use of this oil. Many people use this oil for the steam they add some drops of lavender oil in the hot boiling water. The massage therapy of this oil is the best thing ever when you are suffering from a headache.
  • Meditation: meditation will help you to maintain the blood pressure level, that’s why it can it can help you to prevent a headache. It is very easy even you can perform it at your home easily or alternatively you can join the class of meditation.