Foods That Speed Up the Aging Process


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Since, genetics, excessive sun exposure, environmental changes, and smoking are the common factors that make you age, what we eat daily also plays a significant role in how we look and feel. That is the reason; healthcare professionals always recommend to stick with the healthy, nutritious foods that can boost freshness, energy, and longevity. One should also limit the foods that can negatively affect overall health and also speed up the aging process.

It is pretty easy to know which are the foods that are less healthy and speed up the aging process, but avoiding such foods can be a little bit harder for us because most of us always want to eat something spicy, mouthwatering and easy to cook. Below we have listed some foods that are generally less healthy and beneficial for human health and also can make you age fast.

1 Sweet Potato Fries

French fries are known as the food that hits both the satisfaction and the age boosting department because they are salty and fried too. According to the experts, foods fried in oil at high-temperature discharge free radicals that promote cellular damage to the skin. Those free radicals accelerate the aging process due to cross-linking. Cross-linking is a process that affects DNA molecules and weakens the skin’s elasticity to develop wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. It is also medically proved that too much consumption of salt draws water from the skin and lead towards dehydration. Dehydration can also make your skin more susceptible to develop wrinkles.

2 Milk & Cheese (Dairy Products)

Most of the people are sensitive to casein (milk proteins) which can clog up the body and cause a medical condition known as constipation along with acne. Casein can also cause inflammation that can develop different medical conditions to make you age fast.

3 Fast Foods

We usually place an order for standard burger and fries instead of ordering a healthier dish. And it is one of the bad eating habits that can speed up the aging process to make you older before your age. Fast foods usually contain a huge amount of salt, sugar, trans fats and refined grains that are the common aging agents. Such foods cause the human body to work harder for digestion. Furthermore, such foods add less healthy nutritional value to the body but a lot of unhealthy calories.

4 Red Meat

It is great to enjoy big steaks on special occasions, but eating red meat on a regular basis can have a serious impact on your skin and body aging process as red meat is an inflammatory diet. However, you can swap for white meat like chicken, fish, and turkey etc. to save red meet to enjoy special events. 3 oz or 4 oz is the best recommend amount of red meat by experts to maintain good health and to slow the aging process as well.

5 Pastries

Foods like Pastries that are high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, and trans fats tend to boost the aging process. Such foods can cause inflammation that can speed up the skin and body aging process to make you aged ahead of time. Everyone knows that foods like pastries and other baked products are high in sugar and unhealthy fats, so these should be avoided not only for good health but to live more years without experiencing different aging triggers.

6 Coffee

A big cup of coffee seems like savior right after leaving the bed, but it is said by experts that coffee speeds up the aging process. As coffee is rich in caffeine, swapping for plain water, fresh juices and infused water is a great idea to maintain good health. However, drinking coffee moderately can be beneficial for human health. By doing so, you can healthily slower the aging process down to keep your skin and body healthy.

7 Candies

Sugary candies can boost inflammation and the aging process in the human body. As candies are full of artificial sugar and unhealthy calories, these can promote wrinkles on the skin, poor heart health, and decreased permanency as well. These can be injurious for collagen to make you look older than your actual age. That’s why; you should swap the candy bars with healthy snack filled with protein, health-healthy fats, and antioxidants to increase longevity.

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