Everything you need to know about Keto diet

Everything you need to know about Keto diet

Obesity is a distressing problem in today’s society and to lose weight newer diet trends have always been resorted to. Some of them if followed correc

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Keto DietObesity is a distressing problem in today’s society and to lose weight newer diet trends have always been resorted to. Some of them if followed correctly can give you the best results. One such ideal nutrition plan is the Ketogenic or ketosis diet. More than just a fad— this style of eating has helped many achieve their weight goals. It is advisable to reach out to a nutritionist or your general physician before taking up any such regimen. Look up online to gather more information about this diet. Here in this post we walk you through the basics of this food plan together with the downsides. Let’s explore!

What is this diet all about?

Diet plans all around the world have few universal standpoints like choosing whole foods over packaged ones, saying no to junk and opting for healthy food choices including proper proportions of carbs, fats and proteins. Ketosis is the first ever low or no carb and high protein diet wherein fats are broken down into ketone to release energy. Fats that are recommended are lots of meat, fish, eggs and poultry alongside other dairy products. Other food items that this diet approves are olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, nuts and low carb leafy veggies.

Does it watch your weight?

As a matter of fact it does if followed diligently, the elimination of carbs like pasta, grains, all kinds of bread and sweetened foods make it a lot easier to lose weight. Apart from aiding weight loss this diet has few other plus points. It eradicates many other health maladies that come with being overweight PCOD, acne, cancer, infertility.

The other side of Ketosis:

Do you think ketogenic diet is free of flaws? Health examiners disagree. Critics have time and again stated that no crash diet is good for health. Ketosis they say being a high fat and protein diet diminishes the importance of carbs. Nevertheless, our body requires carbohydrates to function appropriately especially our brain.

If you are on the Keto diet and not having enough vegetables and fibre substance it may lead to constipation.

Initial days can cause body fatigue when you go carb free. This may give rise to muscle weakness. Some also add that Keto diet can have long-term effects on the kidney and gallbladder.

Doctors find any sudden food changes harmful but if you ask ardent followers of this diet you will come to know that this diet is above reproach.

To sum up if you are one of those who is weight obsessed and would not mind giving up on carbs then you can surely try this. Consult with your doctor or a nutritionist before making any such dietary changes and also discuss your health conditions if any. The good thing in this diet is with sugary items off your plate, binge eating is taken care of. Add some amount of exercise to this regimen to give you the best results. Try to get in touch with those who have benefitted from this diet. This diet is in a way life changing in the course you not only become a mindful eater but get to learn how to discipline your body and mind. Go the Keto way!