Essentials To Get Fit At Home Without A Gym


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Getting the membership of gym is not the prerequisite to get your body in shape as many of us are enjoying six packs by doing exercise at home even in the living room. Joining a gym for weight loss or to shape your body is not only pricey but the majority of people cannot visit the gym due to the busy routine yet having the membership card of the expensive gym of the town. It is also the fact that some people can lose their confidence of doing the workout in the room full of strangers due to the physical ability or body shape. That is the reason; the gym is not the only solution to stay fit and healthy but all you need for a fit body is some of your precious moment from day to day activities and a peaceful place along with some great workout ideas to maintain good health and fit body. In this article, you will read some essential to get fit at home without gym that you will find practical to shape your body naturally without spending lots of bucks.

Read following effective workouts with no equipment to chase fitness goals at home and make your muscles strong without a gym membership.

Walk 10000 steps each day

Walking is the simplest yet beneficial exercise to burn extra calories from your body that doesn’t require any equipment. According to different researches, one can burn 400 to 600 calories in a day by walking 10000 steps even while doing work at the workplace.


Jogging stairs up and down makes an excellent cardio workout that keeps your heart in good health and also ensures smooth supply of blood to all organs. A strong heart contributes a lot in the process of getting your body in shape at home so avoid elevator if your office is situated at the 2nd or third floor of the building and use stairs as the best workout without gym or equipment.

Jumping jacks

A natural workout idea to keep your shoulders, back, thighs and calves in healthy movement. You can do it for 5 minutes each day to make your body fit at home. Personal trainers also suggest jumping jacks to warm the body up for a more intense workout.


Swimming sounds like a natural and most powerful workout for all parts of the body but not much popular among people who want the body in attractive shape. During the hot days of summer, you can enjoy this superb workout to strengthen your muscles for a healthy weight and fit body.


Seeking a simple home based workout for a healthy and fit body? Go with crunches, because these make abdominal muscles stronger and also improve your overall health to live a healthy lifestyle without visiting the gym even for a single day.

Weight lifting with homemade weights

Weightlifting is all about lifting some weight up for a body with strong muscles and good health, it does not matter that what you are using as weights. It is one of the best fat fighters and stress reducers so use any easily accessible thing around the home that has some weight and boost up the strength training process at home to get your body in the desired shape.

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