Effective Ways to Stop Farting

Effective Ways to Stop Farting

Most of us experience the humiliation and discomfort due to the out of control gassiness. But many of us don’t fess up the thing because farting is no

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Most of us experience the humiliation and discomfort due to the out of control gassiness. But many of us don’t fess up the thing because farting is normal and a regular part of the day to day life. Since farting is the result of swallowing excessive air when eating meals or drinking. Air also swallows when chewing gum, eating food hurriedly or drinking carbonated drinks. Many of the individuals gulp air as an anxious routine, especially when they’re talking and eating meals at the same time. Hence, if you are suffering from painful gas and the awkwardness of foul smelling flatulence continuously, then you can stop farting by employing these ways lessen the unnecessary gas in your body.

Drink Before Meals

Drinking water before almost 30 minutes of eating meals helps the stomach to digest food particles in a better way to prevent excessive gas in your system. That’s why medical professionals always suggest drinking liquids before eating to stop farting.

Stay Active

Increasing your physical activity can help boost your digestive system. There is no need to pay for an expensive gym membership to keep you active in healthy exercise but a slow walk after eating meal can help you stay active to stop farting.

Quit Smoking

Every time you take a drag from a cigarette, cigar, or e-cig, you swallow air. Smoking frequently can add a lot of extra air to your body.

Try Probiotics

As human digestive tract is full of bacteria that break the food down into small and digestible particles, certain bacteria can also break down the hydrogen gas produced during the digesting process. Probiotics are the supplements that contain these healthy bacteria to boost the digestive system as well as to help you prevent gas produced during the process. Probiotics are also useful to ease the digestive system upsets and other chronic conditions.

Check for Food Intolerances

Food allergy and food intolerance are two totally different situations. It is the condition when your stomach does not endure the food you eat and cause digestive upset like diarrhea, excessive gas, bloating, and nausea etc. That is the reason, skipping the foods from your diet plan that usually causes food intolerance, can help you stop farting often. If you still experiencing abnormal gas even after quitting food intolerances, you should also eliminate gas-producing foods from your diet plan.

Try Enzyme Supplements

Taking enzyme supplements is another best way to stop farting. Enzyme supplements empower the complex carbs to be broken down in the small intestine, instead of moving them into large and then broken down by gas-generating bacteria. In results, you can have less gas in your system to reduce or prevent farting that embarrasses you.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks

As we can see bubbles in the carbonated drinks, they are notorious for their ability to produce gulps. After drinking such drinks and beverages, some of them can make way through your digestive tract and exodus your body through the rectum. That’s why; medical professionals recommend to replace carbonated drinks with water, tea or fresh juices to stop farting.

Stop Artificial Sweeteners

Since sugar alcohols used in sugar-free foods, they can aggravate gas in your system to make you fart often and you should prevent artificial sweeteners if you want to prevent excessive gas in your body to stop farting.

Eat Slowly and Intentionally

Eat slowly is one of the best ways to stop farting because quick eating and chewing the foodstuff can irritate your digestive system that can cause excessive gas. And when you eat slowly and mindfully, your digestive system works properly and eliminates gas. Slow and mindful eating not only eases you into a relaxed state to make sure healthy and proper digestion but also offers a lot of other health benefits that are undeniable.