Does Eating Fast Lead to Poor Health?

Does Eating Fast Lead to Poor Health?

Blame it on your hectic schedule or for that matter you general eating style, if you are eating too quickly, you must acquaint yourself with the negat

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EatingBlame it on your hectic schedule or for that matter you general eating style, if you are eating too quickly, you must acquaint yourself with the negative impact of the same on your health. Do you know about the metabolic syndrome? Do you know that the risk of obesity increases when you are eating too fast? If you don’t – then perhaps it’s time for you to shore up your knowhow in this regard.

Today, in the course of the post, we will be exploring the ill effects of quick eating on our health. Do make sure that you are reading on in order to be duly guided in this regard.

The link between eating fast and poor health: What the evidences suggest

The effects of eating too fast – on your health – are backed by solid evidence. It was the researchers of the Hiroshima University from Japan that actually went on to follow up on 642 men and 441 women over around 5 years and categorized them as fast, slow and normal eaters. It was found that around 11% of the fast eaters were at the risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is referred to as a condition whereby you are at risk of developing either diabetes or bad fats (high levels of them) or obesity – primarily around the waistline. So, what is it that puts you at risk at the first place? How is fast eating at all linked to obesity or other health vagaries as have been mentioned above?

Knowing more

When you are eating too fast, your body is rendered incapable of sending signals to the brain about you being full. Now, there are receptors in your stomach that tell your brain that your stomach is already filled. It generally takes around 15 to 20 minutes for the receptors to tell your brain that the digested food actually has made its way to the small intestine. Normal eating is associated with better chewing – which – of course- means that you are actually allowing your saliva and its enzymes to lubricate and digest food.

Normal eating lets you burp properly as well. If you are eating too fast – you may actually end up belching too frequently. Burping helps more air get into your stomach. You can stop that by eating and drinking more slowly.

More proof

Do you know that eating slowly has its own benefits as well? There was another study conducted in China which revealed that chewing food 40 times as compared to 15 times actually helps in the reduction of calorie intake by more than 10%. In a different study 30 young men were provided with huge plates of pasta and asked to eat very quickly. It was revealed that they had actually ended up consuming 649 calories in around nine minutes—the figures however fell to 579 when they were asked to chew their food for around 20 times.

If you are one of them almost gulping down your food in a rush without being aware of its consequences then make sure you’re mending your ways.