Easy Ways To Prevent Obesity

Since, avoiding obesity is a vital thing to enjoy good health and an overall happy life, most of the people think that eating less is the best way to

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Since, avoiding obesity is a vital thing to enjoy good health and an overall happy life, most of the people think that eating less is the best way to prevent obesity. But, alone it wouldn’t reduce the risks of obesity because there are a lot of other things that can play a vital role in gaining a healthy weight. Different health conditions that are also known as silent killers like diabetes, heart stroke and different kinds of cancer are highly associated with obesity.

Staying more active, eating a healthy diet and exercise are some basic steps that anyone can take to avoid obesity. Even parents can also take on the following ways to prevent obesity in children.

Never Skip Breakfast

Cutting breakfast is not the right way to cut the extra calories and fat from the body but eating breakfast mindfully can help a lot in this matter. When you attend school or office without eating breakfast, you are more likely to eat more in other meals like lunch or dinner to satisfy your hunger that can cause weight gain instead of losing some extra pound from the body. According to the studies, an individual who eat breakfast regularly can have lower BMI than any other person who skips it daily. That’s why always eat healthy foods in breakfast to perform well whole day and eat less in your lunch or dinner. In results, you will gain a healthy weight.

Eat High Fiber Foods

If you really don’t want to eat more calories in your meals, you should plan your diet with high fiber foods because these foods are less in calories, add little fat to your body and also keeps you full for long time. High fiber foods are also slow to digest that keeps blood sugar at normal levels and help prevent diabetes as well. Eating high fiber cereal in breakfast is the best way to start your day with high fiber foods not only to prevent obesity but to stay healthy as well.

Watch Portion Size

Stop eating even if you can eat some more bites. In this way, you will be on the way to avoid overeating that will definitely help you a lot to prevent obesity at the end. Always watch the portion size you eat in your each meal to consume healthy and fewer calories. Also keep yourself away from junk foods that are considered as one of the major contributors to obesity and unhealthy weight gain.

Limit Screen Time

Whether it is your favorite TV show or a video game, limit your screen time and also limit the time on the couch. Technology is definitely improving our lives but spending too much time in front of screens like mobile phone, TV or laptop can cause serious health concerns and obesity as well. That’s why limit your screen time in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Stay Active and Moving

Keep yourself involved in healthy activities in order to prevent obesity either at home or in the office. Get up from your desk to drink water instead of keeping a water bottle on the desk. In this way, you will have time to get up, walk or stretch that will not only keep you focused on work but will also reduce the risks of obesity. Make a habit to go for a morning walk daily to spend whole day mindfully and actively while fighting the obesity.

Remove Temptations

You are more likely to eat junk and high in calories diet when your pantry is full with junk foods or diet that can cause weight gain. So, try to remove temptation like calorie-rich, sugar-filled, and salty snacks from your pantry and be a role model to other family members. Always eat healthy snacks when you are hungry at office and avoid processed foods as these are known as the major cause of obesity in people of all ages.

Limit Fats, Sweets and Soda

Educate yourself that eating sweets and fats can lead you towards obesity that can cause a lot of serious health concerns at the end. Say no to soft drinks and sodas even if you are in a party because these are dangerous for health and can also cause unhealthy weight gain.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough hours of quality sleep can put you at higher risks of health-related issues and obesity is one of them. You should enjoy at least 8 hours of quality sleep each day to stay healthy and fit as well. Sleeping keeps you active whole next day and improves your mood to do the things with improved focus.


Do proper exercise in order to stay fit and healthy while preventing the risks of obesity. There is no need to spend lots of dollars on a gym membership but you can start exercise from your backyard. You can also visit the nearest community park in the morning or even for a walk or to do some normal workout that will keep extra calories away from your body.