Does Stress Impact your Gut Health?


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Gut HealthFor all those who thought that stress could only affect your mental or cardiac health this article is a must read. Please know for a fact that stress can impact your health in other ways as well. Researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) recently conducted a study which actually revealed a link between stress and gut health. Let us tell you that as per the study, the effect of stress on your gut health could be as detrimental as what would have been the case if you had actually binged on junk food.

The Link between Gut Health and Stress Established

Let us go further through this post in a bid to find out more about the link between stress and gut health. As per researches, it has been proved that prolonged stress can actually end up affecting healthy bacteria in your gut and improper gut health can actually go on to pave the way for depression. Experts however have maintained that there is really no reason to lose hope – totally. The key to keeping your wellness goals right on track is to comprehend ways in which you can go on to support friendly microbes. If you are talking about figures then let us tell you that 80% of your immune system is contained by the inner gut ecosystem. So, you can well imagine how important it is to keep your gut healthy.

And the proofs continue coming!

Now coming back to the research conducted by researchers at BYU. The study was notably published on Nature’s Scientific Reports and performed on mice. They particularly focused on the mice’s gut microbiota. Let us inform you that gut microbiota refers to the group of bacteria inhabiting in the digestive tracts that are again linked to mental health. Scientists actually ended up discovering that female mice’s gut microbiome actually transform to replicate that of an obese mouse. It was deemed that the change took place as a result of the effect of stress on metabolism. This kind of paradigm shift in microbiome was not really noticed in the male counterparts but it was noticed nonetheless that the male mice became more anxious and less physically active.

We have many more such Examples

According to the Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, consistent levels of stress can actually go on to affect the extent of good gut flora. When a concerned individual experiences heightened stress levels, his brain actually starts oscillating between drastically different emotions. It either wants to fight or else to escape the situation totally. In short, it becomes too preoccupied. During stress it is quite common for you to feel that your digestive and immune systems are not working at all.

In order to protect your gut health from bad stress levels you have to monitor your eating habits. There is serious need of bolstering vitamin C in your diet and stay hydrated to keep yourself from overeating before your body often ends up confusing thirst with hunger. Stay away from such possibilities!

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