Do you know about the Health Benefits of Crying?

Do you know about the Health Benefits of Crying?

While you are too busy literally “gulping down” your emotions for the fear of appearing emotionally too weak, let us tell you that the act of crying h

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Health Benefits of CryingWhile you are too busy literally “gulping down” your emotions for the fear of appearing emotionally too weak, let us tell you that the act of crying has its own benefits to offer you. The health benefits of crying are one too many. You are actually beating your stress levels and letting out toxins from your body. Do you want to know what the other benefits of crying are? If yes, then make sure you’re reading on.

Is Crying Really Beneficial for your Health?

One of the immediate benefits of shedding tears can be explored in the right setting. We are not asking you to cry at the drop of a hat at public places if things don’t go your way. However, do remember, that everyone who is battling depression or is actually going through some kind of emotional turmoil, is suggested to let their tears out. Psychologists have actually gone on claim that we may end up doing great disservice to ourselves if we are steering clear from tears. Notably, Stephen Sideroff, PhD and clinical psychologist at UCLA opines that letting someone’s guard down is actually a very positive emotion. It is healthy – just like watching a movie—it equates with the process of opening up.

If you are crying you definitely know that you are emotionally more aware than perhaps somebody who doesn’t feel like crying at any occasion and even if he/she does so, eventually puts a lid on the emotions for the fear of social embarrassment. When human beings are crying they are actually allowing the body to realize the value of other positive emotions like relief, happiness and gratitude.

A very significant benefit of crying or shedding tears is that you are driving out toxins from your body. If you didn’t know, let us tell you that human tears contain ACTH or adrenocorticotropic hormone. People who have high levels of ACTH in their bodies are actually at risk of developing Addison’s diseases characterized by low blood sugar levels, extreme fatigue and depression. Hormone prolactin remains one of the important contents of tears. Both men and women are found to have this hormone during moments of extreme sexual gratification. With the tears flowing down, your body is also generating a soothing feeling.

Should crying clubs assume a more powerful shape?

There are experts who also believe that crying clubs can actually turn out to be duly helpful as well. When you know that there are several others along with you going through similar emotions, you know that it’s only okay to let out what’s inside. The presence of a group just goes on to validate the practice.

So every time you are trying hard to battle your tears, do remember that you are actually depriving your body of the serious benefits that actually come along with tears. The aforementioned post, we hope, has been of help. Please make sure that you are reading up more in a bid to be duly guided in this regard.  Cry out! Don’t be ashamed.