Depression- Physical Symptoms of Depression

Depression- Physical Symptoms of Depression

What is Depression? Depression is a brain disorder and can also be known as a mental health condition that causes an individual to have poor mood and

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What is Depression?

Depression is a brain disorder and can also be known as a mental health condition that causes an individual to have poor mood and may leave him/her sad or hopeless in some situations. It can also lead to emotional suffering and can have a bad impact on the way your brain works. When changes occur in the process how your brain functions, it can have a big effect on your overall body and physical health as well.

As a victim of depression, an individual may feel like he is not himself or may feel sentiments and emotions that are unfamiliar or seem illogical also. It can be treated at the initial stage by making some healthy change in day to day routine but when symptoms of depression last longer than 2 weeks, then the situation can be worse and also a sign of a serious depressive disorder that should be treated accordingly as soon as possible.

Causes of Depression

There can be a lot of reasons and causes of depression. In some situations, it can be hereditary where a patient may have a family history of this medical condition. Some personal issues like loss of someone special, job lost, and failed relationship can also cause stress and depression. Conflict with family or friends that results in social loneliness, is also known as a contributory factor to make the situation worse. However, some of the medications such as such as high blood pressure medication have a list of side effects and depression is one of them.

Physical Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a specific type of mental illness that upsurges risk of a number of serious physical diseases and medical conditions such as increasing levels of stress hormones to interrupt your day to day routines such as eating, the way you work and so on.

Some of the Physical symptoms of depression are listed here;

Abnormal Weight Gain or Loss

Eating disorder is one of the reasons in depression effected people that can cause appetite changes, which can cause inadvertent weight loss or gain. When an individual eats too much or less than the normal diet, he/she can experience weight gain or weight loss that are two major medical issues and are known as roots of different physical issues and problems. For example, excessive weight gain may create medical issues, including diabetes and different heart diseases. On another hand, abnormal weight loss can be injurious to the heart, can affect fertility, and can also cause fatigue etc.

Chronic Pain

Patients who are suffering from depression usually undergo with strange & unexplained aches or pains such as muscle soreness, breast tenderness, and headaches etc while doing day to day tasks. Unusual chronic pains can make the symptoms of depression worsen than imaginations.

Heart Disease

As stress and depression can cause low mood and motivation to make healthy and positive decision in day to day, the risk of heart stroke is always there in patients of depression because they are unable to make positive choices such as healthy eating, lack of willpower to handle personal issues and so on.

All these things can lead them towards poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle as well that can later result in heart-related issues and problems. It is also approved by studies and research that one in five people with heart stroke is a depression patient.


Inflammation is one of the physical symptoms of depression and an individual with depression is more likely to undergo inflammatory conditions. According to medical experts, chronic stress and depression are linked to inflammation and can have a bad impact on the immune system.

 Wrapping up

Identifying the physical symptoms of depression can help a patient to get treatment or to make healthy changes in regular routines to manage the condition accordingly.

There is nothing to worry about if you are depression patient because it is a treatable medical condition and most of the doctors recommend a balanced blend of medication, therapy and making healthy changes in lifestyle to have a speedy recovery. By getting the right treatment and support of family and friends, anyone can manage the dangerous effects of depression quickly. So, be quick to consult with a medical professional if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms.