Depression in Kids and Teens – Reasons, Symptoms and Ways to Prevent


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What Is Depression

As explained in Wikipedia, Depression is a medical condition when someone feels low mood and hatred to doings that can affect his considerations, behavior, feelings, and state of comfort etc, people of all ages can undergo this condition even kids and teens as well.

It is a state of mind that can directly have an effect on how you feel, think, and deal with day to day activities, just like sleeping, eating, or acting etc.

Since it is the condition that is harsher than normal sadness, it can considerably hinder with your kids’ ability to function so be wary about depression in kids and teens and become skilled at how to prevent.

There can be a lot of causes of the depression in children & teens and more significantly a number of biological, psychological, and environmental risk factors that might be the part of your kid’s growth.

Depression in kids and teens is one of the serious health concerns that cause a constant feeling of sadness and lower the interest in day to day activities.

Facts about depression in kids and teens

Thankfully depression is a treatable medical condition but you must know the facts about depression in kids and teens in order to prevent as soon as possible.

Here are the possible reasons for depression in children and teens that can help you to figure things out quickly in order to prevent hurriedly on the initial stage.

  • Kids and teens may suffer from depression
  • When you move to a new living place due to some reasons
  • When your kid has to change the institute
  • When a much-loved friend, family member or pet passed away
  • When a family member is feeling not well or facing some health concerns
  • When harassment or a form of abuse happens to your kid or teen
  • When your kid suffers from some specific behavioral problems

Symptoms of depression in children and teens

Caretakers or parents of kids or teens with depression frequently report some of the following behavior changes in their kids such as

  • Crying more often and on bit things
  • Kids are more sensitive to condemnation or upon some negative happening
  • They often have more short-tempered mood than normal and easily leading to verbal or physical explosions
  • Improper eating and sleeping patterns along with momentous increase or decrease in weight
  • Children and teens frequently tell about mysterious physical complaints such as a headache or belly pain etc
  • They usually experience social withdrawal and like to stay away from friends or family

Ways to prevent depression in kids and teens

Right after figuring out that a kid or teen is suffering from depression according to above-mentioned symptoms of depression in kids and teens, you can rapidly start working on children depression prevention effectively by considering the following ways,

  1. As a parent, you must set up stability in your life and avoid unnecessary house moving or school change etc too often.
  2. Hearten your kids or teens to build burly relationships with adults who are caring for your kids like cousins.
  3. You should provide your children a strong and valuable foundation of support and care and the supporters can be their teachers, relatives, and other close community members.
  4. Give your kids confidence about having honest communication with your or any other member of the family. If your kid has things in mind and wants to let you know as well, listen to them attentively instead of asking them for the wait
  5. Always provide your kids feedback positively even if they are doing something bad. Tell them the drawbacks of things in a fun way to help them understand in a better possible way.
  6. Educate your kids that how to manage stress as well as how to cope with frustration and disappointment by letting them know that there are a lot of things beyond.
  7. Support and encourage self-respect in your kids and discover the things that your kids are good at and can help them in future.

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