How To Cure Eye Stye At Home


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Eye Stye:

A small and red bump inside or outside of the eyelid is known as stye and it can be painful. Most of the eye styes are inoffensive and can heal on their own with the passage of time but if there is no healing even after weeks, you can implement following home remedies to cure eye stye at home.

Symptoms of Eye Stye:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Tender
  • Pain

Home-based treatment for eye stye:

Most of styes are cured by their own You can heal it by yourself in a way that rubs your finger on your hand when it starts hot then put it on the eye try 10-15 minutes and repeat this 3-4 time in a day. This is surely relief you by eye stye. Sometimes the stye heals without any more intervention.

Long pepper:

Cure of eye stye at home with long pepper is very beneficial. If you feel redness or swelling on your eye then apply this paste. Take some long pepper and blend it very well. Before the use apply some mustered oil than apply the powder of long pepper. Leave this paste on your eye for a night. Use this paste 2-3 times in a day or night for best and quick results. You will surely get cure by using this paste in some days.

Tea bags:

We can get cure from this localized infection by using the used tea bags. The used bags of green tea or jasmine tea will help you to get relief from this pain. Put the lukewarm tea bags on your eye for sometimes. When the wastage is release from the syte then clean it with tissue slowly. Try this 2-3 times in a day for good or quick results.

Cure of eye stye with mild soap and water:

Take a baby shampoo and add some warm water. Use this liquid to clean out your eye using a cotton ball. You can also use a washed piece off the cotton cloth. Repeat 2-3 time in a day and continue it until you get secured from the eye stye. It will definitely help you to fight against the virus of eye stye.

Try to avoid makeup and contact lenses:

If you have a stye problem then try to avoid makeup. Because makeup can irritate your eye and it took a long time to get the cure. The bacteria will spread to your makeup tools and it can be a source of effect with this infection after cure. Also, try to avoid the use of contact lenses and wear glasses until you don’t get cured. It can because of some serious issue with your eyes.

Don’t pop an eye stye:

Don’t pop, and rub your stye because it may the cause of releasing pus from the stye. It might be a reason for spreading infection all around your eye if you got a serious issue than consult your doctor immediately.

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