Common Women Health Problems Around The World

Common Women Health Problems Around The World

Women have different body structure than men and also experience inimitable health problems ranging from menopause to bleeding disorders. Most of the

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Women have different body structure than men and also experience inimitable health problems ranging from menopause to bleeding disorders. Most of the people think that only breast cancer is the major cause in increasing number of death among women but there is a number of many other common health issues that only affect the health of women. It is true that there are several health threats that kill women but it is also the fact that all age and background based female health problems are preventable by bringing some positive changes in day to day life. Having good knowledge about common women health problems around the world along with symptoms could be the best way to put off health threats that are killing women globally. Below are some familiar health concerns for women that each woman must aware about to employ safety measure in order to avoid soreness in future.

Heart-related issues

Our all ideas are wrong regarding breast cancer is the number one women killer in the universe because heart relates issues in women are riskier and also killing lots of women annually. Cardiovascular disease is the common heart disease that blocks the supply of blood to brain and legs that can cause death if you are too late in getting required recovery treatment. Quit the smoking and maintain good cholesterol level with a healthy weight to prevent such heart diseases to live more years than other women.

Bacterial Vaginosis

Different organisms can cause this women health issue. Sexual intercourse can also push you toward this common women health threat if your partner has a urethral infection in the penis. Pain during the intercourse is one of the basic symptoms of this problem and eating the big amount of vitamin B is the best remedy for bactorial Vaginosis.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer among most dangerous female health concerns that cause female death all over the world. Some healthy changes in the life can help prevent breast cancer if diagnosed at the initial stage. Inactivity and late marriages are some major factors behind the issue. Nowadays, there is plenty of treatments for blood cancer if identified on early stage.


It affects the uterus (the place where baby grows during the pregnancy). The growth of tissues somewhere else rather than the uterus is named as endometriosis and misplacement of those tissues can cause unbearable pain and period disorder as well.


Dementia is a brain disease that can affect the ability of the brain to think. Some emotional problems are also associated with dementia and usually found in aged women. Eating a healthy diet and well maintained social life are natural remedies for this women health issue but there is not any other prevention if diagnosed later on.

Kidney diseases

When a kidney is not in good condition to carry out its operations and replacement is required to live more. Women are facing chronic kidney diseases more than men and according to medical experts, kidney disease on the last stage can kill within weeks if appropriate treatment is not employed properly.