Common Hair Care Myths Explored

Your precious mane doesn’t really need to be trimmed every now and then in order to grow longer. It doesn’t really need a cold water wash to shine bri

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Common Hair CareYour precious mane doesn’t really need to be trimmed every now and then in order to grow longer. It doesn’t really need a cold water wash to shine brighter. It doesn’ need intense lathering to be cleaned. Everything you have heard all this time contradicts the aforementioned points. Don’t they?

Welcome to the world of hair care myths. These myths, let us tell you, serve as the biggest obstacles on your way to solving your hair problems. You remain eternally confounded. Why isn’t my hair growing back even after trimming it every four month? Why is it that I am spending hours in rinsing my hair and still not getting the shine I would want? Unlock answers right here – quite simply by getting rid of the myths.

Hair Care Myths that you Need to Get Rid Of!

Do read on to acquaint yourself with the hair care myths so that it becomes easier for you to actually eliminate time wasted in elaborate processes like intense rinsing and even heading to the parlor every now and then to get a trim.

Myth #1: Getting a hair cut all too Often helps your Hair Grow Faster

At the heart of hair growth (or the lack of it) is your hormones. John Barrett, a renowned stylist from the New York City actually tells you the truth. Your hair usually grows half inch each month whether you choose to cut it or not! Hair growth hardly has to do anything with your stylist’s scissors. What regular hair trim does do is get rid of the split ends but it definitely does not guarantee longer mane.

Myth #2: You wash your hair with cold water and it shines brighter than ever!

Not really! You are necessarily not required to wash your hair with cold water with the belief that your hair will continue growing shinier. Temperature of the water – let us tell you – has actually nothing to do with the shine or texture of your hair. The stimulatory effect generated by the cold showers is only going to make your hair feel more “alive”! That’s it!

Myth #3: You should go on lathering to get cleaner scalp

Aim for a more thorough shampooing—just once– instead! Too much of shampooing can actually strip your hair off its natural shine, leaving it look under-nourished and dry!

Myth #4: Split ends can be fixed with the right products

Tell every parlor girl or boy who tries to sell off that omnipotent shampoo or conditioner for split ends – that once those ends are split they are split. They cannot really be fixed with the help of any product whatsoever! The only way to deal with them is by cutting them off.

Myth #5: Coloring your mane essentially damages it

We are in no mood to deny reports claiming that some people who dyed heavily actually ended up burning their scalp. However, you need to remember that a lot depends on the chemicals used in the dyes. Every scalp in a way is unique so results are likely to vary.